Much Ado About Nothing

Joel Vandehei

Don Johns Evil Plan

1. Don Johns Evil Plan- Don John tries to make it look like Hero had sex with another man. Hero knew that this was a lie but she had to convince Claudio that this was not true. Don John didn't want them to get married so he felt like he needed to do this evil thing. Claudio and Hero end up being all good and get married.

2. Beatrice and Benedick Surprisingly Fall in Love- Benedick and Beatrice talk about how they will never marry anyone. These two were tricked into liking each other by their friends. In the end they realize that they actually really like each other and get married.

3. Claudio Claimed That Hero was unfaithful to him- Claudio thought that she had seen Hero with another man in the street, which was the night before their wedding. Claudio mentioned this in front of everyone the next day at their wedding. This obviously made Hero look really bad in front of her friends. Hero then had to regain everyone's trust after this happened even though it wasn't true. Claudio and Hero still end up getting married and loving each other.

Theme Song: Hard To Love by Lee Brice

This song is basically all about this story in a nutshell. I picked this song because it talks about second chances and how you can do everything wrong, but the person still loves you. In this story Hero needs a second chance because Claudio thinks that she cheated on him the night before their wedding. So it also means that you need to trust people. Hero had to prove that she didn't cheat on Claudio. Trust is a also a big thing in this story when you talk about Don John. Don John was very unfaithful when he tried his plan to stop Claudio and Hero's wedding.
Lee Brice - Hard to Love (w/ lyrics)