We Want You!

Parent volunteers are needed

Coordinator and Volunteers are needed for Career Cafe Program!

Career Café is a program that connects students with career information during a lunch and learn session once a month. Volunteer guest speakers will visit our school during the 5th grade lunch/recess break to present information about their jobs and share pictures, props or stories to help students gain a greater understanding of the many careers in our community that are available.

A parent volunteer or group of parent volunteers are needed to assist in coordinating and organizing monthly Career Cafe events throughout the school year. Tasks involved will include organizing student interest forms, scheduling speakers and helping to supervise the Career Cafe monthly events.

If you are interested in speaking at a Career Cafe event, please email Mrs. Cox at kerri.cox@k12.sd.us

Advisory Members Needed!

Parent volunteers with an interest in promoting the social/emotional, academic and career development of children are needed to serve on the Robert Frost Counseling Program Advisory Council. Council members will be asked to preform the following activities:

  • Validate program content in terms of community needs, standards and goals.
  • Offer advice on new directions the program may take by reviewing the curriculum, objectives and other features.
  • Assist in activating community understanding and support. This may include helping to secure volunteers or financial support for program activities.
  • Offer general support by assisting with student activities, public relations efforts, and providing continuity in times of change.
The council will meet in person at least twice each year as well as maintain communication through emails, phone calls or other media.

If you are interested in serving for at least a one-year term on the school counseling advisory board, please email Robert Frost School Counselor Kerri Cox at kerri.cox@k12.sd.us or call 367-6170.