The Life of Susan Ryan

A Timeline

The Early Years

  • January 9th 1993: Born
  • May 1993: Went to Kentucky lake for the first time
  • August 1998: Started Kindergarten
  • 1998: Clinton impeached
  • 1999: Grandpa Venable passed away
  • 1999: Columbine

A Little later on

June 2000: Moved from Fishers to Noblesville

June 2000: Met three of my forever best friends

2000: Performed in my first musical "The Music Man"

2001: Was excepted into Indianapolis Children's choir

September 11th 2001: Twin towers fall

2003: State begin allowing gay marriage

2005: Hurricane Katrina

2005: Began voice lessons

2006: Traveled with my middles school to the Peruvian Rain forest in South America

September 14 2009: Began dating my Fiance!

Summer 2010: Began my first Job at a movie theater

2011: Osama bin laden Killed

2011: Graduated High school!

2011: Started College at AU

September 2012: Began working at park place children's center

2012: Movie theater shooting

February 14th 2013: Got a puppy!

December 16th 2013: Got Engaged to Eligah Thomas Shaffer