Golden age of China

by: Evan Davis, Coby Homan, Luke Stevens, Jacob Dettor

How did geography play a role in the establishment of the Golden age of china and its interaction with others

Song Dynasty: They lived near the Huang River because of the invaders from the north. That river gave them fertile lands and gave them extra water.

Tang Dynasty: Settled in Northern China but then conquered Central China. Their neighbors were Vietnam, Tibet, and Korea.

Both: Parts of the empire were near a river, Yellow, Huang, or Yangzte, mostly. This is because these rivers had fresh water, food, transportation, and fertile soil. Both also used the Silk road to trade with other civilizations like the Persians, Greeks, and the Romans. This "road" was home to many routes that people traveled on to make money with what they had crafted.

How was the golden age of china organized and how well did it fuction

-Well ordered society

-Had gentry(wealthy) and peasantry(poor)

-Most were peasants

-Gentry had education

-Peasants sold or traded their goods

-Worked well because this was China's Golden Age and it couldn't have been a golden age without it having a working society.

What makes the civiliation unique or interesting

Acomplishments:smallpox vacine

Song Dynasty- Established rice and tea as their main food and drink, also current China’s

- First real population expansion

Tang Dynasty- Founded 1618 ended 1907

- Ended because of an 8 year rebellion called the An Shi Rebellion and other rebellions

- Emperor Tai-tsung was the first real powerful emperor

- Defeated Turkey

China's Golden Age Overview


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