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By Olivia Snapp

Gathering Blue

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By Lois Lowry


Gathering Blue takes place in a Community in the future. It takes place in a rustic village. The mood of the village seems very depressing and destitute. In the book, the main character, Kira, is disabled. Typically in the village the disabled are thrown out to the beasts. At one point even Kira was going to be thrown to the beats but she proved to the people in the village that she was worth keeping because she has the gift of embroidery. There is not a lot of food in the village. That's why, any chance they get to get rid of another mouth to feed, the will.

How the Setting affects the character

Kira is disabled so she must learn to adapt to her surroundings so she can be just like everyone else. She can't get around like everyone else in her Community but she tries her best to fit in. Sometimes Kira felt lonely because she was the only disabled in her Community. But the friends she made and the tragedies she went through made her stronger.


In the book, Kira, must make a beautiful robe that shows the history of her society to prove that she is worth keeping in her community. To make the robe, she learns the art of dyeing thread different colors, except for blue, which nobody in her community knows how to make, but at the the book they found that woad is used to make blue dye. Kira must Gather plants that are used for dye. She used Mander roots for red, greenweed for yellow, chamomile for green, and many other plants. In real life we use plants to make dye as well. Above are some plants that are used.
How To Make Dye From Plants

How setting affects the plot

In the Community, pretty much everything Kira and her friend Matt did, must be kept a secret. When Kira and Matt discovered and befriended a tyke (a young child) that no one was supposed to know about they couldn't let anyone know. Also, Matt ran away without telling anyone, looking for a plant to make blue dye in unknown regions.
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