Nicole Richie

All About Nicole

Born - September 21,1981

Place of Birth - Berkeley,California

Parents - Father: Peter Michael Escovedo ( he was a member of Lionel Richie's Band)

Early work life - She was a socialite actress then later became a reality TV star

Family history - At age 3 Nicole had moved with with her father's band-member Lionel Richie because of some financial problems. Before Nicole's name was Nicole Camille Escovedo but six years later lionel had changed her name to Lionel Richie.


Education - University of Tucson,Arizona , Berkeley School, MontClair Preparatory School

Drug Issues

As a teenager Nicole was a party hard type of person who had experimented with alot of drugs and alcohol. After a little while Nicole got off the drugs she decided to follow her career with the MonClair Preparatory School in 2000 and she decided to attend college. She had gone to the University of Tucson,Arizona and study arts and media. Although she did drop out two years later and went back to Los Angeles.


  • Starred in a few tv serious for a little while but it didn't last too long when she had gotten arrested
  • Later she became a writer and wrote a novel based on her life and that went on for a little while but time went on and it was time for something new
  • She then got into fashion and had made her own clothing line and made her Jewelery and had also won an award for her entrepreneur of the year for her house of Harlow
  • After that took off she then got into music