Hawk Talk

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Can you believe we are wrapping up the first quarter of the school year? As we end our first quarter, I ask you to reflect on two things.

First --- Have you maintained and communicated high expectations for students? For yourself?

Second --- Have you worked purposefully to build and maintain positive relationships with students, parents, and colleagues?

The end of first quarter is a great time to get a pulse on where you at in working towards both of those goals. Why are those goals the two I ask you to reflect upon? The answer is simply this: Our work towards those goals must guide our actions each and every day. The expectations we set for our students and for ourselves dictate the results we get. We agreed as a team to work towards seeing 80% of our students achieve proficient/advanced scores across the board this year. As we end first quarter, are your students where you would like them to be with their instructional goals for the first quarter? What actions resulted in the results you are currently seeing? What steps are you taking to continue growing as a professional? These are important questions for us to consider as we plan for second quarter.

As we consider the expectations we set academically, we also must consider the quality of relationships we have built with students, families, and colleagues. Uniting as a team and trusting one another at all levels is an important part of our work together. When we trust one another and work for a common purpose, we achieve better results. This is true for us at the classroom level with our students, at the family level as we partner together, and at the building level as we work as a team.

Take a moment to stop and reflect...pause....reflect a little longer...then make a plan. What steps will you take in second quarter to ensure that our students receive the best education each and every day? What actions are necessary in order to make that happen?


I am taking a break from Twitter this week...because another technology tool has stolen my heart! Kindra McAfee and I attended training for the learning management system (LMS) that our district has purchased in order to offer new opportunities to our students. While I am new in learning this with you, I can safely say that I am completely jealous I never had access to this tool when I was a classroom teacher. At our staff meeting this week, we will take some time to chat about Canvas and what it can do for your and your students. You should have received an email late last week or early this week with an invite to Canvas --- take a look and play around. I promise you will love it!