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February 16, 2020

Focus 2019-20

Our 3 Focus Areas for the 2019-20 school year:


5 Questions to help us focus as we move into 2nd semester:

1. Am I modeling what I want to see in others? (Newsletter 1/20)

2. Am I making others better? (Newsletter 1/26)

3. Am I caring for others, personally and professionally? (Newsletter 2/2)

4. Am I making others feel valued?

This week when one of our team members brought up completed Cougar Cards to send out, she commented how surprised she was that there were so many great kids on the list that hadn't received a card yet this year. I looked at the list this weekend and she's right! We've recognized a lot of students this year with a card, but there are many more that we haven't.

We challenge each other at the beginning of the year to set a positive tone and look for ways to recognize students with a Cougar Card right off the bat, especially if we think they may struggle later. While this is a good practice, we also need to think about the ones that do great stuff all of the time. It may not be that they need the recognition to do the work that they have already been doing, it’s just that everyone needs to feel valued no matter how well they do.

Sometimes we forget to recognize those students that do great everyday? We just come to expect it. But most kids want validation. They want to know what they are doing is "right" and appreciate being acknowledged for their efforts.

Writing Cougar Cards lets us make “deposits” in our students "value" accounts. This communication can help build relationships and can help to ensure that all of our students feel like a valued part of the CN Jr/Sr HS community.

5. Do I care about who's right, or what's best for kids?


The above website is under construction, but Samuel and I found it while looking for books he might like. If you are looking for books for boys, you can check out the Guysread website or if you have any of these let me know.

Social/Emotional Learning

Please see the image below shared by Mrs. Gard. Thank you for sharing and helping us to consider changing our perspective. Sometimes it is hard to remember that students with emotional difficulties are limited in their ability to cope, communicate, and relate. We must take time to understand and accommodate just as we would for students with learning difficulties or physical limitations. We are not all the same, but we all deserve time, attention, and understanding.

Cougar Card Challenge

We reached the goal of 100 Cougar Cards last week so this is a Jean's Week if you'd like to participate. I've left the Cougar Card GoogleSheet attached. Please look at it this week and consider "Sharing the Love" with a student who has yet to receive a card. If you haven't written a card yet this year, please do so. You are welcome to recognize students in other ways as well, but everyone can write a Cougar Card and let a student know how much they are valued.

Share the Love

In honor of Valentine's Day and to help us keep a positive focus during February, this week we will "Share the Love". Each day there is a challenge and a special treat. We hope that everyone will participate and share the love with the staff and students we work with!

Day #1

Challenge: Share the Love with a colleague by sending a note of encouragement.

Treat: Conversation Cuties!

Day #2

Challenge: Share the Love with a parent by sending a note home thanking them for their great kids and/or their support.

Treat: You Make My Heart Pop!

Day #3

Challenge: Share the Love by making a positive social media post tagging CN Jr/Sr HS and #CNlove

Treat: It May be Cheesy, but We Love You Guys!

Day #4

Challenge: Share the Love with at least 1 student telling them something you love about them (I love that you participate; I love that you are involved in . . . ; I love how you stick up for others; etc.)

Treat: Thanks for Pudding Your Heart into Education!

Day #5

Challenge: Go out of your way to Share the Love with someone in our building that you don't interact with on a regular basis.

Treat: We Love You to Pizzas!

Upcoming Events:

2/17 - Staff Day (eLearning) (Draft agenda attached)

2/19 - Jr. High SOM

2/26 - Sr. High SOM