By: Cassidy Baker

Growing Up

  • Born in Thrace.
  • Served in a Roman Army.
  • Deserted the Army.
  • Captured and brought to Rome to be sold into slavery in 73 B.C.
  • Sold to a man who owned a gladiator school.

The Break Out

The same year that he was sold into slavery, him and two other gladiators led a rebellion at the school. Along with this, he helped put together a break out and set over seventy gladiators free.

The First Battle

After escaping, him and the escapee's started to gather weapons and recruit slaves. Rome didn't take Spartacus seriously and overlooked him. Rome ended up sending Gaius Claudius Glaber and his army to take out the slaves. Gaius's army didn't attack, they set up camp and tried to starve them out, but the slaves were smart; they climbed down the mountain, surrounded, and attacked the army. They ended up winning this war which ended up gaining Spartacus more followers.

The Revolt

Spartacus continued to defeat all the army's the Roman's sent after him and, all the while, freeing slaves. He recruited people who weren't even slaves and built his army up to, it was said, around 40,000 troops. It was so large that he had to divide it up among other leaders in his rebellion. By then, Crassus had came into power and he, like Gaius's, sought to starve the slaves. Spartacus made it out, but he lost thousands of soldiers. His army was being attacked in all places and everybody was preparing for the final battle.

The End of Spartacus

  • Final Battle took place in April 71 B.C. between Crassus and Spartacus's army's.
  • Spartacus's army was no match for the missiles and archers.
  • He was trapped and killed; 6,000 of his soldiers died along with him, but not after they had freed over 70,000 slaves.