all the way through boot camp

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The steps to choosing my military career

I needed to do research on what branch of military. There is lots of different jobs. They have jobs like there is outside of the military.

The Marines salary for enlist

Private Pvt E-1 $18,194 - $18,194
Private First Class PFC E-2 $20,398 - $20,398
Lance Corporal LCpl E-3 $21,449 - $24,178
Corporal Cpl E-4 $23,756 - $28,840
Sergeant Sgt E-5 $25,913 - $36,770
Staff Sergeant SSgt E-6 $28,285 - $43,808
Gunnery Sergeant GySgt E-7 $32,702 - $58,774
Master Sergeant MSgt E-8 $47,041 - $67,097
First Sergeant 1stSgt E-8 $47,041 - $67,097
Master Gunnery Sergeant MGySgt E-9 $57,467 - $89,222
Sergeant Major SgtMaj E-9 $57,467 - $89,222
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps SgtMajMarCor E-9 $57,467 - $89,222

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The way I get ready

The most part I need to be in shape for the Marine. I need to practice running, better time hanging on your arms, doing more pull ups that is part of the training My mental state needs to be good because I will see disturbing stuff in the military.

Paying for college

I want to go to college I would recommend me go to the military then go to college after I am out of military. The military will pay for my college. That will save me a lot of money.
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Classes in high school

In high school I will take American Government, welding and english. I will have to have a high school diploma to join the Marines. I possibly not be able to play sports so I can focus on school.
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After high school

After high school I will enlist in the US Marine Corps. I will try to have a job so I can pay for flight and traveling. Traveling to Paris Island SC will not be that expensive. The military will pay for me to go to base to base.
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Why the Marines

The Marines are the first on the battle filed. The Marines have MV-22 Ospreys and all the cool vehicles and soldiers. We are the best of the best. (Once a Marine all ways a Marine)