The Goals of a Farmer

By: Paul Farmer

All ABout Me

Going Green

I have a green personality. That means I listen for material necessary to solve a problem and tune out trivia. I often miss body language and tone because of my focus on what is being said. When I communicate, I am to the point and logical. I use facts and think before I speak. I become frustrated with small talk. I am also frustrated with failure and being publicly wrong.

Keep in Mind...

I have a dominately left-sided brain. This means I use logistics and formulas. Left-sided people are generally better at math and science because formulas stick with them better. Left-brained people NEED more sponaneity, expression, artistry, and abstract and conceptual thinking.
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What are my skills?

What am I interested in?

What do I work for?

Am I motivated?

My motivation score is 63. This means I am between a positive motivation all the time and a motivation that needs some work. So I may want to work on my motivation just a little, but it's not too far off.

How stressed am I?

My stress level is 42. This means I am not very stressed. I don't stress out very much and the score reflects that. Although, it could still use a little improvement.

There's no 'I' in 'Team'

I am a Director and Analyzer. I tend to be self-confident, decisive, and a risk-taker. I am a natural leader and delegate responsibilities. I organize and control situations and set and meet deadlines. I am task-oriented, motivational, and in charge. I am steady, careful, and factual. I like accuracy and routine. I think through problems and situations slowly and carefully.

My Life In High School

My High School Plans

Freshman: I will develop good study habits and become aware of college entrance requirements.

Sophmore: I will maintain good grades and investigate costs of various college programs.

Junior: I will write to a college that interests me and take the ACT and SAT tests.

Senior: I will visit college campuses and make final choices on my college.

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High School Graduation

Thursday, May 18th 2017 at 10am

Fayetteville, AR

Fayetteville, AR

Off to College

The University of Kansas

This is the college I want to attend, KU. They have a good engineering program that you can see HERE.

The University of Kansas

I will have to get at least a 4-year bachelor's degree at KU to go into aerospace engineering but more experience is preferable. As an out of state student, it would cost me $35,838 per year. The total students attending the school is 28,697

How I'm getting my money

Aerospace Engineering

Working conditions: Office buildings or labratory. Extra hours at deadlines.

Class requirements: Chemistry and Geometry

Requires a Bachelor's degree or higher

Must be creative, work well in teams, and be inquisitive

Related occupations: Industrial engineer, Marine architect, Marine engineer

An aerospace engineer designs and builds airplanes. They can specialize in different fields like the electrical, mechanical, or aerodynamics of a plane. They usually work in an office designing, or at an airfield or factory inspecting airplanes.

The Making of a Boeing 737-800

Aircraft Assembly / Airplane Assembling - Boeing

PF Engineering

Paul Farmer-Head Engineer

Flying through a new challenge, everyday.

Salary (Arkansas)

Lowest hourly: $24.42

Highest hourly: $44.98

Lowest yearly: $50,780

Highest yearly: $93,350

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