Into the Wild

Journal 2


"The part of the interior where Carl went is a remote, very blank part of Alaska," says Stoppel. "It gets colder than hell there in the winter. Some people in his situation could have figured out a way to walk out or maybe winter over, but to do that, you'd have to be extremely resourceful."(Krakauer 84).

In order for Chris to survive the cold weather conditions he would have to know safety skills for the harsh climate.

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"Nor was McCandless endowed with a surfeit of common sense.

Many who knew him have commented, unbidden, that he seemed to have great difficulty seeing the trees, as it were, for the forest. "Alex wasn't a total space cadet or anything," says Westerberg; "don't get me wrong. But there was gaps in his thinking.... Alex had been using it to cook chicken, and it never occurred to him that the grease had to drain somewhere. It wasn't that he was too lazy to clean it up—Alex always kept things real neat and orderly—it was just that he hadn't noticed the grease."(Krakauer 63).

As everyone says Chris was a smart guy, he just did not have any comman sense. If Chris had comman sense he probably would have had a more successful trip.


"...moral purity were qualities McCandless mulled over long and often."(Krakauer 65).

Chris would read this News Article because one of his morals was to help others and not to be selfish. Chris did not like how people could sit around knowing that there are others hungry

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"Westerberg, for his part, didn't concern himself with McCandless's family problems. "Whatever reason he had for being pissed off, I figured it must have been a good one."(Krakauer 63).

Even though Chris did not like his family they were still there for him and supported him for what he did.

How to Make Hand Drill Fire:Wilderness Outfitters of Appalachians, Golden rod &basswood


"There was something fascinating about him," explains Mrs. Westerberg, seated at the polished walnut table where McCandless dined that night. "Alex struck me as much older than twenty-four. Everything I said, he'd demand to know more about what I meant, about why I thought this way or that. He was hungry to learn about things. Unlike most of us, he was the sort of person who insisted on living out his beliefs.'(Krakauer 67).

This quote relates because Chris waned to learn more, he did not just want to know the basics. Chris would read this research article because he would want know more about where he has dreamed about going.

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