Taking temperatures of hot liquids

By: Simone, Samantha, Debra and Ashma

A brief guideline

Taking temperatures of hot liquids can be fun but you must follow all teacher's instructions and follow team leaders rules. The next few paragraphs will show you how to take hot liquids safely. Don't forget taking temperatures of hot liquids can be dangerous so always listen to the teacher's rules and instructions. But you MUST always keep an eye on the liquid because it could over heat.

The Steps of Taking Measurements of Hot Liquids safely!

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Step 1

Get all your required gear (goggles) and the equiptment. If you don't know where a certain piece of equipment is go ask the teacher because scavenging around the lab can distract other students.
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Step 5

When taking the temperature whilst heating the liquid, follow the teacher's instructions on when to stop the heating machine
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Some Notes

Always be sure you have the right equiptment