Fun attractions await...


The nearest Whataburger is the place where everyone hangs out. After big games, everyone gathers here to celebrate the win. There signature meal, the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, is what all the teens get. You will never go there and not run into anybody, so make sure you are prepared to see some people!

High School Parking Lot

Many dance parties go down here on the weekend! Call up some people, park some cars, and crank up the music. Just make sure the music isn't too loud, or else the cops will show up.

KKK House

Want a spooky adventure with your friends? Go visit Coppell's "KKK" house. Legend has it if you peek through the window you can see the white suits hanging up. But no one knows who lives there and there is no road leading up to the house. So take a trek to get a thrill. Ring the doorbell, if you dare.

Hell's Gate

Located by Salon on the Creek, this drained sewage drain is a scary trail that leads you underground Coppell. Full of graffiti, this dark path is super eerie. If you are brave enough to make it to the bottom, rumor has it there is a picture of the devil. Eek!


If you aren't about that adventurous life, you can go to Texas Family Fitness to get your exercise in. One of the largest gyms in Coppell, TFF has a lot of members and a lot of equipment. Be ready to sweat!