Vogels Voice

February Newsletter

Swing Into Our Learning

Reading - Currently we are working on story structure. Telling the beginning, middle and end of the stories we read. We will be reading various fairy and folk tales over the next few weeks. The students will compare and contrast different versions of the same tale as well as continue to work on identifying story structures. Strategies we are working on are synthesizing and making connections. As a read aloud we are reading a chapter book called Escaping the Giant Wave the students are very interested in this book and may be asking you questions about Tsunamis as a result - just wanted you to know where that might be coming from!

Writing - The third marking period will begin with focusing on how to write a paragraph. We are looking for paragraphs that have a topic sentence, 3-4 supporting details and a concluding sentence. If your child would like to write at home this would be something good to work on. After covering our paragraph writing we will begin to work on informational writing and how to write an informative piece. Students should be able to introduce a topic, use facts to develop a point and write a concluding statement.

Math - for math we are starting off with subtraction strategies and how to solve subtraction problems using mental math strategies. A new math menu will be coming home shortly. Money skills will be increased to 75 cents this marking period and time will be to the quarter hour. We will also be working on problem solving with missing addends which tends to be a little tricky for the students - look for papers to come home in a few weeks and if you have any questions or notice your child is struggling with it and want additional work please just let me know!

Science - The students are very excited to be starting our new science unit on Balance and Motion. For this uni we have a kit that we will use for various investigations. I am sure they will come home talking about them as they are always a hit with the kids. We have completed one investigation called Crayfish. They had to balance a cardstock crayfish on their finger and then we experimented with adding counterweights to the object.

Social Studies - No Social Studies Currently

Teacher Notes

We had a great time at Junior High West on Tuesday watching the holiday concert. In the afternoon we spent time rotating around the second grade classrooms making ornaments. On Wednesday we kicked off the day with a Holiday Sing-a-long here at BES. Then we headed back to the classroom for some Polar Express Fun! The students had a yummy snack of donuts and milk.

I hope everyone was able to spend quality time with family and friends this holiday. Hoping that 2016 is a wonderful year for all of you!

Happy Birthday

Camryn - February 5th

Lila F. - February 13th

Important Dates

2/5 - Report Card Distribution

2/10 - Early Dismissal

2/15 - No School

2/24 - Early Dismissal

2/26 - Spring Casual Photos

King/Queen of the Jungle

King/Queen of the Jungle has begun! Hopefully you had a chance to read over the information letter to learn what it is and when your child will have a turn. Here are this month's Kings/Queens:

Mya - 2/1

Giancarlo - 2/8

Connor F. - 2/22

Lila F. 3/7


  • Students will not have daily homework - they should be reading for 15-20 minutes daily, practicing the word study pattern and reviewing math concepts.
  • A blue math menu was sent home for the second quarter (there was a typo at the top where it said first quarter - it is for second marking period!)
  • Send one healthy snack each day

Technology Corner

Math Practice

The students are having a great time on the First in Math website! Many are asking if they can do this at home and I told them i would include the information for you again in this newsletter. Students can go on as often as they like. The more they play the more stickers and badges they can earn. Feel free to check it out - their log in is the same log in they use here at school!

Inferring Slide Show

For the slide show above each student was given one slide with a picture already on it. They had to look at the picture and infer what was happening based on what they saw in the picture. They were also supposed to site the evidence that led them to make that inference. There are not names on the slides so you will have to ask your child which one is theirs!