Principal Update

January 23rd, 2013 - February 1st, 2013


As I travel the building and pop into classrooms I am finding some exciting activity. I notice a heavy duty level of focus, engagement, and seriousness around the math/language blocks. I am very excited to see our classes off and into business very quickly after our final bell and there is no doubt that we are logging more minutes engaged in instruction than the first portion of the year. I love the consistency of our teams instructional offerings and know that your tighter planning and consistent coverage of content will pay off come high stakes testing time. Thanks to all of you for taking every second to offer a meaningful and individualized learning opportunity to your students!

Hallway Postings - The QUEST to provide a glimpse into your learning environment.

As I wonder the halls I think of a famous educator Loris Malaguzzi, from Reggio Emilia, Italy, who changed the face of education for multiple generations. Although the Reggio approach is better known for instructional tactics in the primary years and for it's highly exploratory student participation, one of the side effects of Reggio often goes undetected and undiscovered. The Reggio Emilia philosophy is based on long term projects and providing proof of learned outcomes. Now we are not able to be Reggio in full nature, however we can take the final outcome and product to heart. If you have or were to visit a Reggio school you would be truly amazed by what you would find posted on the walls and halls. The percision of marketing the learning of specific time period is superb. Documents, all student made, often bound, with large poster pictures or other authetic documents fill the school. There is no clutter, no filler, no store bought is simply not needed. How could you take a bit of Reggio and improve your environment, specifically your postings? Do you truly market the learner experience and learned outcomes? Do you rotate the sharing of learning in a timely manner? All questions to ponder! Take a risk, take down that store bought "thing" and add an authentic product of the learner in your classrooms.

Who will expand the marketing of their instruction via TWITTER? Interested? Tweet these people!


That's right folks, the BSE staff is joining in on the talent show. All staff members who want to join in a skit/song/dance please email Mrs. Murch at her NEW email. This new addition will provide a fun and entertaining opportunity for our students and parents. No worries it will be low key and super easy. I will be joining in, so certainly YOU can too!

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School Safety - Don't let time let you forget!

The school safety measures that we have put in place are obviously very important. Here is a summary of current and future safety changes. As of today you are all ALICE trained and should understand your options for a RED ALERT DRILL. Grade one has gone through a specific training with Mrs. Ryan and second grade is being scheduled. Kinder will NOT have student ALICE training. Kinder teachers will communicate student actions at a very basic and student friendly manner. Grades 3 and 4 will be presented with a basic ALICE training via Lt. Johnson in the near future. Until that date please be sure that your children understand the basic options you will present to them in an emergency. The front door departure procedure has been changed and ensures that the front doors are never opened. Remember the basics. Wear and ID badge, check parents and visitors for stickers. Keep your door locked, but jarred open or use a magnet to cover the lock hole. Have your radio on channel 7 and on your body (radios have been ordered for those without). Check outside doors and pull shut when entering. Remind ALL students to NEVER allow an adult inside the building. If you are walking in the front door do not allow random people into the building, instead escort them to the front office. The front office has purchased an i.d. scanner and will continue to monitor the traffic heavily. Report areas where we find gaps in our plan!
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School Activities - Important items for business - See Outlook Activities Calendar for Activities

  • Today: 1st Grade Team Meeting - NO Outdoor Recess
  • 1/24/13 - Activities Picture Day - 2nd Grade Team Meeting 8AM - Special Ed Meeting 11AM - Chicken Coop Meeting - 4PM - 3rd Grade Team Meeting - 3:50PM
  • 1/25/13 - Jeans and spirit day - Kindergarten/4th Grade Team Meetings 8AM - PLP Launch Meeting - 4PM
  • 1/28/13 - Marley Kaminski OUT Noon-2PM - Team Leader Meeting 4PM
  • 1/29/13 - REACH TEAM 8AM - PLP Webinar #6 4PM
  • 1/30/13 - Visiting Principal Meeting 1-3PM - 1st Grade Team 4PM
  • 1/31/13 - Sped Meeting 11AM - Dr. Neidermeyer 3:15PM (Grant)
  • 2/1/12 - Kinder and 4th Grade Team 8AM - Kaminski Out 11:30 to 1PM - Talent Show Convo 2PM - Talent Show 6:30-7:45PM