Element Supervillain

The Epics of Fluorine


  • he can bond/mold himself to objects-camouflage style. (When he is molded to something, he has to keep his eyes closed or you can see them.)
  • he can make something burn easily by touching it or blowing on it
  • he can explode into flames and teleport to a different place
  • his fingernails also grow into claws
  • his teeth grow into fangs when he feels threatened
  • he has a venomous bite when his teeth are in fang form
  • he glows in the dark (this sometimes is a weakness)
  • it is very difficult to break his bones

History of Fluorine (the element)

After a long history of scientists trying and failing at isolating it, Fluorine was finally isolated by French chemist Henry Moissan in 1886.

Characteristics of Fluorine (the Element)

  • is toxic and corrosive
  • easily bonds to others
  • most reactive element
  • most electronegative element
  • very lightweight (lightest halogen)
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Uses for Fluorine (the element)

  • used in processing nuclear fuel
  • used in toothpaste and some drinking water (helps your teeth and bones)
  • used to make plastics such as Teflon
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