Student News

March Issue

Teacher of the Year

Yesterday we found out who the teacher of the year was, it's... Ms. Marcus! Ms. Marcus has been a great teacher since she started teaching. Lots of kids wanted her to be the teacher of the year this year. Ms. Marcus loves children and she loves teaching them too. The kids all love her and she loves them back.

Ms. Marcus is a very smart teacher and she loves what she does. Since Ms. Marcus was a little girl she had always wanted to teach. Now she is doing what she wanted to do. Ms. Marcus has reached her goal. She always wanted to be the teacher of the year! When everyone heard that Ms. Marcus was going to be the teacher of the year they yelled in joy! Everyone was super happy! Congratulations to Ms. Marcus!

Picture Caption: This is Ms. Marcus

Ned's Fireworks

Blasting Fun!

Who: Ned

What: Ned does his fireworks

When: 4th of July

Where: Next to the graveyard

Why: Because it is the 4th of July!

Ned is going to do fireworks on the 4th of July! We would like to invite you guys to his fireworks. If you cant come then that is fine. We hope you can make it to Ned's fireworks!