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Lesions Do Not Need To Be Part of Your Experience

This article want to thank Tip #175 of Mark Lindemann's The Full Total Biking Guide, a must read for anybody having a bike. Mark is really a story in the market, once identified for outrunning a low-flying airplane at Bonneville, getting a solution for striking 134 mph in a 25-mph zone, and being forced to be attached together by a vet following a crash and burn on his streetbike. Honda...

Mark’s idea #175 is about not getting blisters. Sure, you have nice tightfitting gloves that you bought from Pete's Pattern--or at least hopefully so--but this does not always do just fine. To conquer nearly every blister, start with getting a 1.5-inch throw of medical adhesive tape.

Step 1 make sure your hands are clean and dry.

Step 2 Use Moleskin generously within the regions where you have blistered before. Address the problem areas using a patch 2x the size of where you got preceding blisters.

Step 3 Create a couple of 6-inch reel of tape.

Step 4 Utilizing The reel, begin at the back of one's hand and cover the tape to your palm. Ensure that you apply tension for the record so it sticks properly. Move both hands around to create sure the record does not inhibit movement, and be sure your gloves till fit.
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