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at Acton Hybrid Academy of Castle Rock


Our two day homeschool support Academy launched on September 1st 2020 in the middle of all kinds of crazy in our world but with God all things are possible and we were determined to keep life as "normal" as we could for our learners.

Our application process for the 2021-22 school year is underway for potential students ages 7&up! Last year we had eleven learners ages 10-13 in studio A and seven ages 13-16 in Studio B. To learn more about costs & details check out our webpage here.

We encourage you to bring the student(s) that are considering auditioning after watching at the videos below with you. The key to the success of the Acton model are students that are excited to join along with their parents, sometimes it takes time for them to understand the student-led environment so encourage them to watch the videos & attend with you. Most will know fairly quickly if this is a possible fit!

We trust you to make the right choices for your family regarding current community standards around health and safety. Thanks so much!

Five steps (can be completed out of order) to see if our academy is a possible fit for your student(s).

#1 WATCH: Watch two or more these videos with your learner(s) prior to your visit:

#2 TOUR: Attend a 60min tour & overview with your potential student(s) offered Thursday June 10th @10:30. RSVP below or contact Colleen @ to let me know how many seats to save for you.

#3 READ: Both parents are asked to read Courage to Grow. Get a free copy from me or order the book (on Audible or for kindle) "Courage to Grow" by the founders of Acton Academy to read more about the Acton model.

#4 LEARN: Attend an Exhibition night (no more dates for this school year)to see the students display of their work and meet the families.

#5 APPLY: Start the student audition / application process and attend a shadow day in April to see if you are accepted to be one of our next families on a heroes journey!

Bring the whole family for Open House, Tour & Ice Cream to meet returning, new & potential families

Tuesday, July 27th, 6:30-8pm

1733 South Perry Street

Castle Rock, CO

RSVP here or contact Colleen for more information or different day/times.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

What is Acton Academy?

Our Academy is part of a network of over 250 around the world.... most meet five days a week and some less like our hybrid academy but all have the same model and guidelines:

  • Student- led
  • 21st Century One Room School house
  • No Homework, No Grades, No Tests
  • Guides not Teachers
  • Believing that each student is a genius with a calling to change the world
  • Projects, Apprenticeships, games & fun!

Learn more on our main webpage about cost, FAQ, and more:

Check out Acton Academy Austin, TX Launchpad/Highschool

Acton Academy Launchpad 2016

My Why....

These four gifts from God are the reason... May God bless you as you seek the best fit for your family! ~Colleen