Beware of What You Share

By Morgan Ellsworth Hour 2

Online Safety

Online safety is important because what you do online stays online. Even if you delete a post it NEVER comes off the internet. So be smart about what you post.

Tell Your Parents

Before you post anything online, check with your parents to see if they approve. If you don't want your parents to see it then you shouldn't post it. Even if your not close to your parents, try and put them back into your life to help make right choices.

NEVER Share Your Password

Do not ever share your password with anyone! Even if it is your best friend don't give it to them. The only people who should know your password are you and your parents/guardian. If someone does get your password change it immediately. People can use your account to bully or like inappropriate things online. Never give your password away.

Don't Share Your Personal Information

Never post your personal information online. Don't put your home address, your phone number, your home phone number, etc. If you put this information on the internet someone could use it to find you or use it for bad reasons. Therefore, never put your personal information on the internet.

Just Remember...

Be safe online. It may seem like a waste of time to protect yourself online, but do it anyway because in the long run it could save you from being hurt.