Take a vacation to Nicaragua

Round trip for a low price of $395

When you are there

When you are there you can go to the major countries of Leon, masaya, tipitapa, and Managua. Also you should visit there capital Managua

Background knowledge and geographical information.

Nicaragua is located between Pacific ocean and Caribbean Sea. It's flag is blue and white to represent that. Finally the main language there is Spanish.

Political and economical information.

Nicaragua Government is a republic government and their leader is Daniel Ortega. They use Nicaraguan Córdoba. $1 American money is equal to $28.4 Nicaragua money.

People should visit because it is a good experience and you will get to see a lot of cool stuff.

When people visit they will see cool things like volcanoes and ancient buildings. This is special to see because after while these buildings will either fall the part where be taken down and then rebuilt.