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iGC Est. 2015

Welcome to our new iGCDP LCs!

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It's December! And that means it's time for exams and family and holidays. But December can also be a CRUCIAL month for starting 2016 off right. Many incoming VPs have been asking me, what is the best thing I can do to prepare myself? What should I do to get ready for January. And here's the answer:

That's right y'all! Start calling people to set up meetings for right after WNC so that you don't have to wait until school starts to act. Here's how:
  • Target 1: Non-profit organizations: Look for local organizations, try to book a meeting with the CEO. These organizations are typically smaller so it's easier to get up the ladder.
  • Target 2: Schools, school boards/districts: These organizations are typically bigger but it's easy to book a meeting especially if you are an alumnus of that school or district.
  • Target 3: Do you have warm leads in these sectors? Family? Family friends? Old teachers that you liked as a student. Start there and you'll have a faster way to a Yes!

Why focus on booking in December? Many of these organizations have tight schedules that fill up fast on a week to week basis. By reaching out this far in advance you can ensure that your timeline won't get pushed back once school starts.


  • Be realistic: Know your schedule and be sure that you only book a meeting time when you will definitely be there
  • Be confident: You represent the largest student driven organization in the world! No matter who you're meeting with AIESEC is always bigger. Also our product is pretty damn cool!
  • Be proactive: My cousin always told me "there are two types of education, the one you are given and the one you take for yourself. The latter is far more important" If you don't have experience in sales, take December as a month to start learning. Look for articles and books that have tips on: Objection management, Persuasion, Closing, writing great emails, networking. All of the information you could ever need on these already exists on the internet. Start learning and share those learnings with us!
  • Operate with a sense of urgency: When working with the non-profit or public sector, sometimes your decision maker will need to go through their manager or a board. THAT'S OK! All you have to do is be assertive and ensure that you move the process forward. Always confirm the date of the next follow up while in the meeting or on the phone.

Transition Webinar Schedule

Webinar - Managing your Operations

Friday, Dec. 11th, 8pm

Google Hangout

Here a veteran iGC VP will teach you how to best manage your operations. Link will be posted on the facebook page.

Webinar - Managing iGC teams + Q&A

Monday, Dec. 14th, 9pm

This is an online event.

Here your fave MCVP will teach you ways to manage your teams.

After the webinar I will be opening up the space for Q&A on anything related to iGC!


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Wanna chat? Book me for a 1-1!

I want to understand what our most common objections are. I'm going to use this as input for further developing the program for WNC.