Ontario Condo Dispute Resolution

Arbitrators and Mediators

We will help you find the Mediator or Arbitrator you Need

We have a roster of top quality condominium mediators and arbitrators. You can select from the group after reviewing full biographies and select from the hourly rate range that we offer. We also provide at a low cost, condo expert consulting services to individual parties to help them understand and prepare for ADR proceedings. Check us out at: condoadr.ca


We have the People

Ontario's leading condominium mediators and arbitrators belong to Condo ADR Canada. You can be assured when you select from our group that proper procedures will be followed and that your ADR service provider has the training and experience you require. Contact us

Independence is Assured

Angela Stanfield is our office administrator who acts as go-between with arbitrators to ensure that there is no potential for conflict or bias. Speak with Angela at Extension 112 to book a member of our group to arbitrate or mediate or to get further information.