Joseph Strorm

"Keep Pure the Stock of the Lord"(Repentances)

All About Me

My name is Joseph Strorm and I am the leader of Waknuk, a small town in Labrador. I am the successor of my father Elias Strorm. My wife, who I married after the death of my father, is named Emily, and my children are Petra and David. I run Waknuk very religiously and everything I do comes through the Bible and nothing else. Impurity control is priority. Anything or anyone that is different should be destroyed and taken care of. I have a very careful eye on Offences. Even a slight difference in a plant or animal should be seen and dealt with. That is why I banished my brother Gordon as he had overly long arms and legs. I believe that God is the all powerful and we should follow everything he tells us to follow. I also believe that I am the true image of God because I have no deviant qualities. Being the leader of Waknuk is not an easy task because you have to make sure everything is in order and that every citizen is law-abiding. You also have to deal with the Fringes people from time to time. But in the end, I live life according to God and enjoy my life just the way it is. My name is Joseph Strorm and if you are not pure, then I don't like you.

Favorite Quote

"Those who walk with God, always reach their destination"

This is my favorite quote because I believe we should follow god through and through or else we will get lost in this life. if somebody disobeys him, they will not be on the straight path and bad things will happen to them. That is why God sent Tribulation on the old people. This quote inspires me a lot because it is very true and it gives me the motivation to keep with God and get rid of the things he does not like.

Symbols That Represent Joseph

Monologue 1

IS SHE OUT OF HER MIND? Coming here like that, and telling us to disobey GOD! I don't care who it is, how could somebody have the NERVE to do THAT! It doesn't matter how many deviants you give birth to, God tells you to do something, YOU DO IT! This is Waknuk, you follow our beliefs, not your beliefs. I honestly did not think Harriet of all people would want to certify a devil-inspired creature. Swap babies! AS IF! Disrespect God so a monstrous creature like that would be allowed to live! That thing of hers could destroy all of us one day in the future. The true image is the true image and even the slightest of blemishes is a sign of blasphemy. She has been so God-fearing all her life, so why now? It is just so shocking to even look at such horrible people. I almost feel disrespected.... I mean how DARE SHE? She knows that this is a God-fearing household and yet.... it's just so confusing. All i can do now is pray for her, and pray that God forgives of her sin. Yes, that's what I will do tonight. It's just.... I expected a lot better from the sister of my wife.

Monologue 2

My son and daughter... my own flesh and blood, they are DEVIANTS. I feel disgraced... how could i not catch them? We have given birth to two blasphemies. What will that do to my reputation? The bigger problem is, that will God forgive me? I will pray and pray until I know for sure. David was my only successor. Who will take after me? God knows, but that is the least of my concerns. Once i get my hands on those two, I will dispose of them myself! It's no wonder he made friends with a deviant and David spends time alone with Petra... it all makes sense now... but the truth hurts... A LOT! Whatever, i do not care about them anymore, because they are blasphemies and they should be treated as such. I must go after them myself, I have to get ready to join the hundreds of people going after them

The Playlist of Joseph Strorm

The Way I Am- By Eminem- This song is full of anger representing the anger of Joseph Storm when he is feeling the frustration that he feels many times in the book.

Killing in the Name of- By The Machine- This song talks about deaths that are justified and how they are justified. This is similar to Joseph Storm's beliefs that killing deviants are justified.

God Will Make a Way-By Don Moen- The song talks about how God finds a way to help people. Joseph Strorm is also very religious and he also believes that God helps those who believe.

Rap God-By Eminem- This song is very harsh in the way it talks about beliefs. Similarity, Joseph Strorm is very harsh and the tone of it is similar to his own so this song would appeal to him. In one part of the song, it even makes fun of differences of others which is something Joseph did all over the book.

One Step Closer- By Linkin Park- This song talks about a frustrating feeling when something comes back no matter how many times you try to get rid of it. Just like how Joseph Strorm keeps trying to get rid of deviations but they keep coming back. This shows common ground between Joseph's daily life and the song itself and hence why he would listen to it.

Prayer Festival

Friday, April 29th, 7:30pm

Waknuk, Labrador

A perfect opportunity to repent for your sins and turn to God.