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  • It is Eukaryotic organism
  • non-vascular(it does not share its tissues that give it nutrients
  • have alternate of generations, kinda like other plants.
  • Both reproduce sexually and asexually by spores.

Above is the agaricus augustus

How to Prevent Fungal infections

Wash your stuff once a week,

So your immune system doesn't get weak,

in the tub you do not pee,

nor pet strays,

Sad to say,

If you don't follow this way,

You'll die and wont be okay.

After all you died a disgusting way

The difference between Pandemic and Epidemic.

Epidemic is when a disease spreads through a small region. Pandemic is when the Epidemic spreads through a larger area kinda like when influenza came into the United States from Mexico.

This is a good example of Pandemic

The disease has had tons of cases reported across the world. It pans across the world in several places.

How to Treat Fungi

Anti- Fungal Cream,

Gross looking it may seem,

But trust me,

Go the the doctor,

So you wont look like a dumpster.