Conservation of Natural Resources

Should lands be preserved for natural resources or be used


Through out the years the world natural resources have been the staple of our economy and daily lives. These days, our natural resources are starting to run out. By cutting down our forests, polluting, and using very large quantities of oil; the amount of out available resources are decreasing rapidly. We are now faced with a decision whether to continue using our resources in these large amounts or cut down on our usage.

Cutting back on usage

  • Created by the Obama administration there is now a new federal interagency council. The purpose is to plan and promote outdoor activity opportunities on public.
  • Cars these days now have the ability to be manufactured with hybrid or all electric motors and batteries. This helps save our limited supply of gas for our country.
  • If we can find new power sources, we will cut back on our use of suplies majorly.
  • Though we were in a drought a few years ago, it would be better for our water supplies if people were to take shorter showers or not water the foliage of their yards.

Continuing to rapidly use up natural resources

  • there is a lot of money that could be made from the oil we get from the land
  • a lot of money to be made from cutting down timber and selling it
  • it pollutes the air when we burn fossil
  • cause increased taxes
  • cause increased gas prices
  • may animals would come extinct
  • eventually we would run out of resources

Created by:

Laura Martin (D12)

Addie Comerford (D05)

Period: 5