Welcome to Pura!

The Land of Purity & Perfection


Pura is a fantastically wonderful place where health and wellbeing is a very important factor in the lives of our people! Our main goal is to provide all of the drugs, medications, antibiotics, practices, and whatever else is needed is available to all of our people! We want to make sure every member of our society is in a good place, both mentally and physically! We fully encourage people who are in dire need of medication, but alas cannot afford it, to shimmy on down to Pura! But not just those who can’t afford it, do you get colds often? Or, do you ever get frustrated when even the slight cold strains your productivity? Well, come down to Pura! You will never have to suffer an infection, disease, or virus ever again! Even simple colds will no longer be a problem, you’ll never have to call into work for a sick day again! We don’t have very many laws here in Pura, just listen to your doctor and listen to our best health specialists. You can find Pura in the newest Moon colonization project located near the crater of Cyrillus. Here in Pura you’ll be living under the newest state of the art environment regulators under our beautiful artificial blue skies, in our protective air regulator bubble dome. We make sure our air is constantly circulated and clean through our filters. Here in Pura, our cities we keep neat and orderly, and our lovely architecture imitates that of our own dome which we live in. Furthermore, the lovely agriculture we provide in Pura is made from our highly advanced green incubators which help fertilize and farm only the finest fruits and vegetables for consumption. All of which have been carefully genetically modified to rid themselves of bacterial mutations.

Reason for Existence

Pura is here to counter the high prices of keeping one’s health together on Earth. We are here to offer our people any kind of antidote, pill, or drug needed to cure one of all illnesses, cancers, diseases, and viruses. Furthermore in Pura we make sure all of our members escape any kind of virus, sickness, or even just a simple cold! Under the supervision of our finest scientists by taking a beneficial series of antidotes, you’ll never be sick again! Not only this however, we are also here for affordable maintenance of appearance, our surgeries are affordable for anyone and everyone! We only want the best for our citizens, both physically and mentally, happiness is a very important part of our society, and we feel that the way to go about maintaining that happiness is allowing members of society to be in perfect physical and mental health.

Community Members

Health has no prejudice. We believe that Pura is a perfect community for everyone of every ethnicity, race, culture, and religion, who feel there is need for improvement in their life, for either their physical or mental health. For every person there's just about the right combination that is personalized just for you. We want you to be happy with yourself not only because of your health but even your looks. We provide the care to give you the look or body of your dreams. We want to give you a do over, a time to start from scratch. You can be beautiful and amazing. We want people who want to be more than what they are, people who are tired of being dragged down by illnesses and your appearance. Thus Pura is a place for both those weighted by their illnesses, as well as those who are bothered by their appearance. We will do everything we can here in Pura to help satisfy your nitpicks.

American Dreams and Novels

The American Dream of good health is achieved in Pura. The free access to a wide variety of medication and practices that makes it feel refreshed and reborn. Got a cough? Try this antibiotic! It's been updated recently by our team of excellent scientists to beat those resistant bacteria from spreading and multiplying! Pimples? Use this ointment. Sore throat and you have a presentation tomorrow? Make sure to use this syrup everyday and pick up a new tube every other Monday at your local pharmaceutical vending machine, your closest one may be right behind you! Look no further for the fountain of youth! We can offer you a wide variety of practices that we trust our professionals with. They can offer you massages, surgery, and even gels that are proven to remove those wrinkles. We will ensure your happiness and health so no one can disappear from society! Unlike the playwright, A Raisin in the Sun, citizens are not discriminated against, everyone has an opportunity to achieve mental and physical health through affordable, high quality medication and practices that are provided. Not only do we provide good health, but the option to be happy with what you look like. Our professionals can give you the face lift of a lifetime, it can do more than bring back your beauty, it's a new beginning. Much like how the Younger family in the novel was striving for a new beginning by purchasing a new piece of property! We want our people to be elated by the life we have offered here in Pura. No one is left behind. Though we are on the moon, there is still a sort of an American Dream, a dream for a chance. No matter your races, culture, or religion we are happy to accept you as part of our community.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

Pura could be compared to the utopia world of Fahrenheit 451. All our people are happy with their technology, medication, and staying within the walls our their beloved origin. So happy that it's easy to say that they don’t feel anything by being in the parlor, like in the novel and using our amazing anti-depressants we have available through our medical vending machines! There are rules to be followed to keep the society happy and much like Fahrenheit 451, also, we do not appreciate critique on our community, we are perfect and there is no need to start a kerfuffle! There is only one world and that is Pura, where everyone is healthy and happy. Critique and judgement corrupt the system, and when those new ideas are leaked, we must eliminate them through death or a life sentence in prison. We do not want them to spread and affect the rest of our perfect world. We believe in the health of all creatures, and everything deserves a chance to live. However, where we differ from the world of Fahrenheit 451 is we highly discourage and disapprove of killing of another life form, life is valued here. Our professionals practice on all humans and animals, our world is perfect when everything is healthy. The utopia of Fahrenheit 451 damages the value of the human life. In Pura we work together with technology, our because we believe that there is only health, peace, and happiness.


WARNING: It must be noted, to our citizens, it is required to take medications everyday for everything, if you leave the perfect world and go outside our walls, we are not responsible for sudden withdrawal, or infections and diseases that may overcome your body. Furthermore we have no responsibility over the side effects of the medication or if you choose not to follow with the procedures, such as resulting loss in personality, vulnerability, mood issues or further problems with your mental or physical health. If you are experiencing painful or lethal side effects, please consult your health professional for possible relievers. Furthermore, as much as we have tried, we cannot stop aging nor can we stop death, if you are bothered by this or are experiencing issues accepting this, please consult your health professional. Lastly, keep in mind we advise critical intellectuals to stay away from Pura if you feel your radical ideas will have a toll on our society or you view the government as an oppressive entity. Thank you for your understanding.

About Us

We here at Pura are striving to create an excellent world with an excellent people, we hope you can contribute to our society too!

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