Solar Panels for CMS West

By Carter and Anistasia

Why Solar?

Solar Panels can be installed at low prices and save energy and money. Solar panels can be installed on roofs and other structures and connected to microtransformers that convert DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current). Also solar energy is very versatile and as stated earlier can be placed on any flat surface.

Who's going to do all of this?

We have chosen a reliable solar provider called Vivint Solar. They offer free installations and charge you over a period of months to pay off the debt. This will work as we get money from fund raisers so we do not need a government grant.
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How much will this save us?

According to the website this will decrease our power spending by 20-30%. This will depend on the panels location. The savings will happen over months. During fall our power costs will increase and during summer they go down. (This is compared to traditional power)

Under this text you will see a chart, the orange is solar and the grey is traditional power.

Look at how much lower the orange is than the grey.

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How does this all work?

Well to summarize:

  1. The solar panels collect energy.
  2. Microtransformers transform the DC to AC.
  3. Wires transfer it to a meter.
  4. The AC is transferred to usable energy.