Infographic on App Stores

The difference between Google Play and Apple Itunes

App Stores!

I will be explaining the difference between Google Play App Store and iTunes App Store. They are both very similar with some differences I will mention.

Google Play and Apple iTunes!

Google Play seems like it is more useable on a non-mobile device. Apple iTunes seems like nothing is on it when your on a regular computer. iTunes shows everything availiable at once, while Google Play has the different types of apps in branching paths. Both seem to have the same apps at mostly the same prices. iTunes seems to have more music and books though.


They both seem pretty similar in usefulness and it seems like either would work just as well on a mobile device. However Google Play seems like it have better quality while iTunes seems to have more apps. Itunes seems to focus more on Music and Movies while Google Play focuses more on games and books. They both seem to use online money in the sense that $1,00 would get you $1,00 online. Both stores go straight to the apps, however Google Play you must pick a genre and go to a braching path and Itunes you must also pick a genre but then you must also pick what letter it starts with too.