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Sunday May 4, 1731


Le chemin du roy!

Written by New France Journalist Jalynne Bilger

Did you hear that we are getting a new ravishing road? I can not even believe that this road is going to be the biggest road in North America!
Grand Voyer Eustache Lanouiller Boisclerc is the one in charge of this road being built. Just recently, I interviewed him and he told me that he has decided to name this road " Le Chemin du Roy, which means " The King's Road."
This road is going to have ditches on both sides for the excess water to flow into. Also, the width is going to be a grand total of 7.4 metres. Le chemin du Roy will be crossing 37 seignories. Wow! That's Crazy! Eustache Lanouiller Boisclerc proclaimed that four of the 37 seignories are Quebec City(eastern terminus), Champlain, Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, and Louisville.

I bet you were wondering what direction Le Chemin du Roy will be going in. Well, it is going to start in Lower Canada and it will make its way all the way to Montreal along the St. Lawrence River. Rumour has it that Le Chemin du Roy is going to be a distance of 280 km. It will be like driving across the whole country!

During my interview with Boisclerc, he told me that there was no exact date that this road will be finished on. Although, he said it would take around six years, so it will be finished sometime in 1737.

Le Chemin du Roy is going to be built to make it easier to deliver mail and for people to get around easier by either walking, riding a horse, riding in a carriage, and sleighs in the winter. It was also built to connect the settlements along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River.

I hope you are just as excited as I am about getting a new remarkable road here in New France!

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le chemin du roy


New France weather

By: New France Weather Women Jalynne Bilger

New France advertisement

Written by Jim Burb(Fatima Hussain)

Did you hear about the new Jim Burb's fruits and vegetables Shop?



The new fruits and vegetables shop where you get fresh dinner ingredients.

Always eating the same meal for dinner?

No worries because with all the choices you have at the store, you can make you and your family a delightful meal and it will put a smile on their faces.

A great part of the store is that they freshly harvest their fruits and vegetables everyday.

They give them a wash, and then they spray them with water every hour so there will not be dust.

Just think about all the amazing meals you can make.

The best part of the whole store is the cheap price.

Really really cheap.

With all of the fresh fruit and vegetables, and extremely cheap prices you have to go to Jim Burb's fruits and vegetable shop!

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this is what an old market looked like


jessica's justifying judgement

Written by New France Journalist Jessica Fox

Dear Jessica,

I just moved to New France a couple months ago. I have just gotten a job at the nearby school house. It is very far away, and I need to find an easy and fast way to get there and back each day. What do you suggest?



Dear Maddy,

There are many ways to travel around. In my opinion, it all depends on the season. In winter, snowshoeing is extremely efficient. They let you easily glide across the snow, instead of sinking down and getting stuck. However, when the snow has melted, snowshoes would just get in the way. I would highly suggest a stagecoach(also known as a carriage). Although expensive, they are the fastest way to travel in this century. Good luck!


Dear Jessica,

I live very far away from any shops or work. What would you suggest I use for travelling to and from the town? Walking is out of the question because I am getting old and cannot walk that far.

- David

Dear David,

This is not an uncommon problem. Many people have trouble managing to get to everyday places. The most common mode of transportation for long distances, in my opinion, is a calèche. A calèche is a two wheeled buggy pulled by a horse, or a team of dogs if you can't afford a horse. You can ride a calèche anytime without snow, but you may have a few troubles in mud. For traveling in the winter I would normally suggest snowshoes, but in your case a cariole( a type of sleigh) would be perfect. Same as the calèche, it is pulled by a horse or dogs, depending on the amount of money you have.



Dear Jessica,

I have recently bought a farm in New France. I grow things like corn and carrots. I have found a place on the other side of the St.Lawrence river that will buy my crops for a reasonable price. However, I have no way to get my crops over there. What do you think I should do?



Dear Jon,

It really depends on how big of a load you would be carrying. For smaller loads, consider a birch bark canoe. They are extremely popular, and can be used whenever the river is not completely frozen. They are not used for heavier loads as they are only made out of birch bark, therefore being somewhat weak. If your load is larger I would use a cajue, which resembles a large raft. A cajue is able to carry extremely heavy loads due to the two large heavy sails, and the strong wooden raft-like bottom. Again, you can only use a cajue when the ice is melted. As you may or may not know, the St.Lawrence river is closed for 6 months of each year because of the dangerous conditions ice and snow can cause. It can really damage a ship's rigging and hull.

Good luck!


Dear Jessica,

My friend Sue just moved away because she found a better house. I still want to communicate with her, because I have known her since I was born. How can I do that?

Please help,


Dear Eustache,

I find it so touching that you care so much about your friend that you want to continue communicating with her. Realistically, there are only two ways that you can do that. First of all, you could send her a letter in the mail. Although it will take quite a while to make it to her, it is the best way to communicate with people you can’t talk face-to-face with. Sending a letter to someone is simple. Ask anyone, and they can tell you what to do. Now, the only other way it is possible to communicate with Sue is to go to her house and talk to her. Depending on how far away she moved, this could be a realistic possibility. If she moved too far away and it is not possible, you could always consider moving out near her. If she found a better house, you might too!

Best of luck,

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Then and now comparison

Written by New France Journalist Fatima Hussain

One way you might already know is back then they used things like horses, sleighs, and carriages to travel.

Now at days we use cars that run on gas and have engines and we do not use something that we have to feed and that needs rest. Cars can go as long as you have gas, they won't get tired or refuse to move.

Did you know that the first car was made by Karl Benz in 1886?

Sending mail back then was an extremely long process. First, all the mail would be sent by horses or carriages. Then sent to ports, finally boarding a ship. They sent multiple copies on different ships.

Now, what we use is the internet. Some ways we use the Internet to send messages are email, texting, and other apps like Snapchat. The Internet is very useful because your messages can be delivered in seconds, unlike the 1700s where it could take 2-4 days.

Back then the New France talked face to face or by mail. Most people didn't live right close to each other.

Now a days, we just use face time, email, or we just pick up a phone, and talk to them.