Stem Cuttings

By: Jamie Vaughan

Materials For Stem Cuttings

  1. The plant that you wish to propagate
  2. A sharp, sterile knife
  3. Rooting Gel
  4. Soil-less potting mix
  5. A new pot with soil

How To Stem Cut

  1. Take a healthy stem absent of flower buds and use a sharp, sterile knife to make a 45° angle cut leaving about 3-6 inches of stem and at least two or three leaves attached
  2. Remove the bottom set of leaves and dip the cut end into rooting gel
  3. Place the plant in a pot filled with moist soil-less potting mix
  4. Keep the plant in a warm and bright environment, but out of direct sunlight
  5. Once it has developed roots, replant the plant in another container with moist, but not wet, potting soil
  6. Remove dropped leaves and diseased plants in order to insure the health of the one you just planted