Pay it forward

By: Katherine Brandt

Pay it Forward

I think if everyone does a random act of kindness the world would be a better place to live . You can start whenever you want, I started by giving my dog a home when I was five. If one person was nice than the other person could pay it forward by being nice than it would spread.Than people would be nice to another person then that person would be nice to another person. It might go on and a lot of people will be nice if you just do random acts of kindness.

A lot of the time I like to cook lunch or dinner for my family so if they are tired the can rest, and not have to work that hard. My parents cook supper for me every day and when they get a break from cooking they think it’s nice. Usually when I make supper it’s not much, but they like it. I also like to cook for them, because it’s fun.

Sometimes I do my sisters chorus even though I don’t like to I do them anyway. If she is sick I hang her clothes up for her usually. If shes not home I do her things that she needs to get done for her. Even though I don’t like to I do it because I would want her to do that for me. So I do things for her because I want to be nice to her.

I help my grandma do her laundry, clean her house because I enjoy doing things for her because it’s makes me feel great to help her out. Even though it might be to clean the refrigerator I still like to help her because she can’t do things all the time. Just helping her with out anything in return at all feels great. Though she want to give me something it feels better when I don’t get anything back. Thats why I like to help my grandma.

That is why I feel if we do random acts of kindness we could pay it forward, and the world would be a better place to live in. It’s not hard to do random acts of kindness. sometimes you do it with out knowing that you are doing it.So just do random acts of kindness, and people will be nicer to each other.
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