Digital Resources

from your library media specialist


There are so many professional resources available to educators these days that it can be overwhelming. There are websites that offer a multitude of information on different subjects, with links to additional resources and teaching tools, as well as a variety of blogs that offer insights into teaching tasks and philosophy. With so much out there to choose from, here are two good resources that I like, and perhaps, you might like to try. is an online learning community. You can join learning groups based on interests, subjects that you teach, or the age group of your students. A wide variety of online webinars are offered daily, live or archived to be view at your own convenience. There are even discussion threads about certain topics, as this site offers you the opportunity to share ideas or ask questions with other educators. I have joined and used this community many times to learn new strategies or to just feel inspired.


Diigo is an online tool for information management. You can create an account so you can bookmark websites, articles and other information, and store it in your "cloud" account. This is a great tool to teach to your students, too! No matter which computer you use, when you log into diigo from home, at school or even at the public library, you can access all your information saved. Below is a video to show you how diigo works.
Diigo V5: Collect and Highlight, Then Remember!