Community Connection

Dear Laconia Families and Community Members:

I hope the transition to fall has been an easy one for each of you. Although I find getting an extra hour at the end of Daylight Savings Time to be nice for the one day when the clocks turn back, it is still hard to see it getting dark close to 4:00 PM. As we are entering a very busy time of the year, it is important for our students to get the rest they need so they can be in school and learning as much as possible.

As I write this letter, there is the potential for the employees of the busing company we contract with to go on strike. I am told that the vote on whether or not they choose to strike will happen on Monday, November 14th. Our plan is to hold school as regularly scheduled. We will make every effort to help those without any means of transportation get to school. However, our resources are limited in this area, so I ask for your patience and support. Of course, we are hopeful that a strike does not occur, but we will be prepared should one happen.

We are working this fall and spring on aligning our math and social studies curricula. I am appreciative of the efforts of our staff in this regard. The alignment of our curricula requires the staff to look at everything we teach from grades pre-K through 12. They look for any gaps or duplicates in instruction, look at the resources we have available for our students and make changes and/or purchases as needed. The hope is to complete this review cycle for all subject areas every five years. This will enable us to provide our students with the most timely and relevant materials.

Over the next couple of months, our five schools will be bustling with activities. There will be Thanksgiving dinners, musical concerts, plays, and multiple efforts to help the needy in our community. I hope if you have the opportunity, you will come to some school events and see for yourself what wonderful and talented students we have.

I wish each of you the best during the holidays and throughout the year.

~Brendan Minnihan