Land Biomes


We've all seen deserts in the movies. They are full of miles and miles of sand dunes. However, not all deserts are like this. Deserts are primarily defined by their lack of rain. They generally get 10 inches or less rain in a year. Deserts are characterized in an overall lack of water.


The grasslands biome can be divided up into the temperate grasslands and tropical grassland.Grasslands are wide expanses of land filled with low growing plants such as grasses and wildflowers. The amount of rain is not enough to grow tall trees and produce a forest, but it is enough to not form a desert.


The savanna is a type of grasslands biome. The savanna is sometimes called the tropical grasslands. To learn about the other major type of grasslands biome.Savannas are generally found between the desert biome and the rainforest biome. They are mostly located near the equator.


The tundra biome is a cold and treeless plain where harsh conditions make it hard for plants and animals alike to survive. Around 20% of the Earth's land surface is covered with tundra.

Tropical Rainforest

One of the most fascinating biomes on planet Earth is the tropical rainforest. It is filled with tall trees, interesting plants, giant insects, and all sorts of animals.One of the most fascinating biomes on planet Earth is the tropical rainforest.

Taiga Forest

The Taiga is one of the three main forest biomes. The other two are the temperate forest and the tropical rainforest. The taiga is the driest and coldest of the three. The taiga is sometimes called the boreal forest or the coniferous forest. It is the largest of all the land biomes.


There are two major aquatic or water biomes, the marine biome and the freshwater biome. The marine biome is primarily made up of the saltwater oceans. It is the largest biome on planet Earth and covers around 70% of the Earth's surface. Go here to learn more about the worlds different ocean

Fresh Water

There are two major types of aquatic biomes, the marine and the freshwater. The freshwater biome is defined as having a low salt content versus the marine biome which is saltwater like the ocean. Go here if you want to learn more about the marine biome

Coral Reef

The coral reef is one of the major marine biomes. Although it is a relatively small biome, around 25% of the known marine species live in coral reefs.