Media Literacy


Media is often times known as the main means of communication regarded collectively. However, it means something much more to a majority of the population. A majority of the population, including myself, would say it is everything, on the internet and off, around us. It is almost a necessity in today’s world to be media literate (ability to understand how to use the media.) Without an understanding of media literacy, one could easily fall out of the loop as to what is going on in the world. Communication would easily fall out of place without an understanding of media and populations will become extremely isolated from one another. Facebook is an excellent example of a source of media. Many people from around the world can get on this one site to communicate with anyone in the world with a click of a button. This communication brings us together more closely as a population and often times intertwine one with another. With this greater understanding of one another, international violence could be limited.

In addition to Facebook, another great source of media is Twitter. Twitter is a social networking site in which an individual can post their thoughts and pictures, as well as observe and comment on other’s posts. This site is often times the source of a lot of drama due to the idea that one can “tweet” or post whatever is on their mind regardless of whether or not it is appropriate or not. While this site connects us with one another, it comes with a lot of responsibility that most people do not understand. Twitter could create hostility between groups of people or bring them closer together depending all on what one “tweets.” Both Facebook and Twitter have an arsenal of tools that one can either use for hostility or for peace.

SuperBowl Preci

In the commercial, “Empowering” (2014), Microsoft claims that the technology that they have provided us with has given the gift of hope to the hopeless. Microsoft supports their claim by giving examples of the many people, including former NFL player Steve Gleason, who have become hopeful after receiving a piece of their technology. The company’s purpose is to point out past examples that prove that their technology is actually changing peoples’ lives. The commercial is shown in a formal tone and is directed towards a person of any sex with a handicap.


Whether it is on the news, social media or in newspapers, we all know about the great atrocity of drunk driving and the many deaths that is has caused. Many people jump to conclusions too quickly and don’t thoroughly think through the ordeal of drunk driving. There are many questions that have come to my mind when trying to figure out how to prevent drunk driving and I have concluded that there is no possible way to stop it completely. Instead I have formulated a solution that will ultimately result in less deaths and accidents from drunk driving. The first action that I would like to put into place would be to install an extra 4 lanes into each street with permitted use only to intoxicated drivers. In order to do this we will need to repaint over these streets in a bright red so that the drivers will be able to identify these lanes and guide themselves over with ease. Once in these lanes, the intoxicated driver will have the freedom to swerve freely without creating a problem for other sober motorists. One may argue, “Would if the sober motorists become impatient and want to cross over into the red zone for their own personal gain?” Well, I have a solution to this. In order to assure that the drivers in the intoxicated lanes are indeed under the influence we will install intoxication testing stations every 2 miles that will be accessible from one’s car. These stations will require the intoxicated motorist to stick their hand out of their driver side window and attempt to grab a disposable breathalyzer. In this attempt, if the motorist is intoxicated, he will most likely miss, proving that he is indeed drunk. If the driver is sober, he will most likely make connection with the breathalyzer and as soon as contact is struck, a picture of their license plate will be taken and the sober driver will be fined an acceptable amount. There are currently no flaws that I can think of in this plan, it is profitable and will also help reduce the negative effects of drunk driving.
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The civil war brought up several controversies within the U.S. lifestyle such as blacks being bought and sold for slavery, families being broken up, and the treatment of slaves like farm animals. The evil opposition in the south argued that blacks deserved to be treated like this for they are sub-human and were made to be put into slavery. At no other time in American history was the nation more polarized over any issue. However, in the end the brave north prevailed restoring justice to our now solitude nation.

Starting April 12, 1861 at 4:30 A.M. Confederates under General Beauregard opened fire with fifty cannons upon Fort Sumter ultimately putting a start to The Civil War. In response, the once peaceful north is forced to react with force. We strategically formed a blockade against southern ports, starving them of their required resources. This act turned the war into an “economic war” where we continued to pull ahead due to our independent economic system.

The first major battle was the battle of Bull Run where our union soldiers fought bravely but unfortunately suffered a close loss. Intelligently, our leader Lincoln used this to our advantage tricking the confederates into believing we were weak. The south continued to advance onto our turf where we were able to ambush them and take back our territory.

With a steady, constant and strong push back the confederate knew that they had to do something drastic to stop the seemingly unstoppable work horse otherwise known as the Union. This opportunity would arise at the Battle of Gettysburg. Thinking they had the advantage, the Confederate soldiers ran into a trap set up by the wise generals of the north. The union slaughtered them here proving that their strength is absolute.

At this point, the confederate was in such bad shape that they had no other choice but to surrender to the union. General Robert E. Lee met General Ulysses S. Grant at the village of Appomattox Court House in Virginia and surrendered his forces. With honor and mercy, Grant accepted their defeat and continued to develop the north and south in a powerful force now known indisputably as the United States of America.

Rewritten to strengthen the appearance of the union and to show the mercy of Grant.

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Looking Back

Over the past six Smore entries and as well over this semester, I have learned several life skills that have been critical to my success. In Media Literacy, Coach Zopf often times focuses on the more vital and informational topics rather than just assigning busy work day by day. The class has almost felt more like a life lesson class than an actual class over a topic that most of us will never utilize in the future. School-wise, the topic that I enjoyed most discussing was over the book 1984. I found this book to be extremely drawn out but still showcase a valuable lesson that all of us should learn. This lesson being never to trust just anybody in a time of need, for there is no telling what their real intentions are. We saw this true when Winston went to discuss “The Brotherhood” with O'Brien. Instead of finally joining the cause he longed to fight for he was instead blind-sided and arrested and tortured by O'Brien himself, who was actually a member of the thought police. Outside of school topics, Coach Zopf taught the class several life lessons and tips that are worth remembering. The most prominent tip that he gave me was the use of Waze, an all things “road” app that detects police locations and where traffic jams are to occur based on others use. Needless to say, this has been an excellent alternative to spending $400 on a radar detector that I was in dire need of. Coach Zopf has already saved me hundreds of dollars and has taught me to do my research before buying an expensive item for there may be a cheaper more affordable option just waiting. Overall, I have enjoyed my time in this class and will miss it. Coach Zopf has helped me become a better, more efficient person throughout this semester and I am extremely appreciative of it.