age 17 lives in Medellin

Maritza's life

-Her name is Maritza and she lives in Medellin and she is 17. She lives in the  caicedos of Medellin.-She has a very bad home life her mom is always beating her for some thing she has done. She never met an adult she could trust. She has a step father, that dosn't like her very much. She often says that home is a battleground.-For a long time she carried a gun because it was the only way she felt safe. The living conditions are very poor and the houses are packed tightly together. In her city Medellin has one of the highest murder rates in the world. -One night she was walking with her friend that looked like a cop, so she was thretined to be killed. This made her want to help with the peace. -Like I said before, she was thretined to be killed, when people assumed that she was with a cop. -She did not fight for peace very much. She alsways said that she wanted it, but she only thought about it. She said she was going to get into it but she never did. She did drugs but she doesn't do them as often now.-The most impressive thing about her is that she was in a gang and decided to quit her life is a mess but she is still trying to be happy and have friends.- If we could ask her a question, it would be why did you not try harder to get away from all the violence.

More Information

-She likes to dance.

-She lives in a very dangerous town with lots of violence.

-She was in a gang called "The Mexicans". But she eventually quit the gang.