Medieval Times

By: Victoria Hill, Hannah Jeon, & R're Lovett

Reason #1

So we would be able to get a glimpse of the swords' beauty in reality.

Reason #2

The Kings and Queens might have ingredients on their farm land. It can be used for medicine or helpful for medical research.

Reason #3

Some children learned their place and others places through food and games unlike us having to learn mostly through school and we have worksheets and textbooks. So if we lived back in the middle ages we could study the way they studied.

Reason #4

Most of the knights’ armor are in museums but we aren’t able to wear or feel them. If we went back to the past we would be able to try on the suits.

Reason #5

We could share our knowledge and inform them. How to take care of themselves and not to get typhoid.

Reason #6

If we went back to the past, before the losing knight gives the winner his ransom. We can offer a compromise so he wouldn’t have to give up a lot of money and lose his prize horse.

Reason #7

We can give the king a compromise so the knights can take a week off of training so they may see their families, like our military.

Reason #8

Mostly all the music we have now is all machinery and auto tune if we went back to the music was vintage and back too when some of the first tunes and rhythms were created we could learn new rhythms to use now in days.

Reason #9

We could see how their lifestyle was and observe what they did and take off of what they did. Feel what they were feeling back then.

Reason #10

Even though life as a peasant was hard all peasants got to celebrate religious and non religious holidays so peasants worked for about 260 days a year. Holidays lifted peasants spirits. So we could see which holidays they celebrated close up.

Where we got ^this^ BEAUTIFUL Information

The pictures are from Google.


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