Social Security Attorneys


Importance of Grand Rapids Social Security Attorneys

A representative (nonlawyer or lawyer) is entitled, and arguably, needed, to perform a variety of functions on behalf of a client, for which payment may be authorized if the claimant is successful. Payment for services as Grand Rapids social security attorneys from the Administration cannot be authorized unless a 16% or other written authorization of appointment is in the claim file and in SSA’s computer records.

After filing the notice of appointment with SSA, Grand Rapids social security attorneys is authorized to act on the claimant's behalf and may obtain the same information on the claim available to the claimant. The representative may review and copy the claimant’s file. The representative may be present, either with or without the claimant, at any interview, conference, or hearing with SSA personnel. The representative may engage in research and obtain evidence from the claimant’s medical care providers and submit that evidence to SSA to prove the disability claim. Once on record, the representative receives notices and copies of any action that SSA takes on the claim for benefits, including determinations and decisions, and copies of any requests for information or evidence on the claimant's condition from the SSA. A representative may not make an application for benefits on behalf of a client. Only the interested individual can make such a claim. Further define, expectations regarding their obligations to those they represent and to the Social Security Administration. Make sure to hire the best lawyer who provides services at reasonable fees. Hire the licensed and certified lawyer.