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442nd Infantry Regimental Combat Team

A place to learn about heroes who gladly fought for the country that mistreated their people, but still loved their country.

The 442nd Infantry Regimental Combat Team was a unit compromised only of Japanese soldiers. These soldiers would go through dangerous missions including rescue missions. Losing many men in battle they still fought bravely with the saying of, "Go For Broke.
442nd Regiment of WWII

Their significance to the war of WWII

The significance of this team was that they were mostly comprised of Japanese American's fighting in the war, who's ancestry originated back in Japan,(442nd REGIMENTAL COMBAT TEAM). Though they were fighting the country of same ancestry, they still chose to stand by their brothers who were of different culture, (442nd REGIMENTAL COMBAT TEAM)

Their role within the war of WWII

Their role within the war was to crack into enemy infantries, giving them a strong reputation and many medals, (442nd REGIMENTAL COMBAT TEAM). Their role was also to show that even people of different races could become war heroes for the country they learned to love, (442nd REGIMENTAL COMBAT TEAM).

Their significant honor during WWII

The 442nd Regimental combat team so much loyalty and honor for the U.S. that they still fought with all their strengths although knowing how their families were being treated back at home, in the U.S. (Bravery Comes in Many Colors). Not only that but after losing most of their men, they still had their head raised high up, standing proud of what they and their fallen brothers have done for the U.S. (Bravery Comes in Many Colors).

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