Tarheels Newsletter

February 12, 2016

Upcoming Dates/Events/Information

  • We will be having our PTO sponsored Valentine's Dance this Friday at a special time: 3 PM to 5:30 PM. Students that are attending the dance will be released from their homerooms to go to the gym after school. Students owing lunch money will not be allowed to attend. Admission to the Dance is $5. Pizza will be available for $2 per slice and $1 for candy and drinks.
  • Girls Soccer tryouts will be held next week from 3-5 on Tuesday-Thursday. Friday team decisions will be made.
  • If there are any girls/boys basketball players or cheerleaders that are attending the Foard game this Friday night, Mrs. Pavese will escort them up to the gym after the JFMS dance at 5:30. Please meet her in the JFMS lobby in front of the cafeteria.
  • February 15th is now a makeup school day.
  • Girls softball tryouts will be held after school next Monday-Thursday from 3-5.
  • The Band and the Drama Club continue to sell candy for the price $1.00 for the next few weeks. Please consider sending in a dollar to purchase a bar in an effort to show support.
  • The Drama Club will be performing a play on the evening of March 11th. More details as we near that date.

Items needed


Academic Class Information

Language Arts

This week we viewed the educational version of the documentary film "Supersize Me" by Morgan Spurlock. In this documentary, Spurlock takes on a challenge to see how unhealthy fast food can actually be. We also discussed how media impacts change and has the power to revolutionize a powerful industry. The viewing of this film is for preparation in writing an argumentative research paper about subsidizing school lunches.

Students also worked in centers working on skills such as Greek/Latin Roots/ Figurative Language/ Context Clues/ Inferences/ Finding the Main Idea/ Analyzing Poetry and Non-Fiction analysis.


Students have been working on a unit for Intro to Geometry. We have been reviewing points, lines, planes, parallel and perpendicular lines and classifying and calculating angles. We have completed different activities to re-enforce vocabulary, watched Discovery Ed and Brainpop videos. Students have worked in partners and small groups on problems around the room. We have also visualized and discussed where we could find our geometry terms in the real world. Students will be taking the Chapter test either Monday or Tuesday. We are also finishing out this week taking our second Benchmark on prior lessons. Please review with your student this weekend all of their geometry terms.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we are playing "catch-up" on the Reformation. We have been hard at work on the DBQ: "Exploration or Reformation: Which Was the More Important Consequence of the Printing Press?" The class has delved into the informational texts/documents to discover the answers to questions, and in discussion of inferences found. I hope we complete the Reformation at the beginning of this next week, play an online game of Reformation Review Jeopardy, and begin our new unit: Exploration. I am working hard to make current my homework/classwork page. And, thank you all for your well wishes/thoughts and prayers during my medical leave. To quote/sing from an old Gene Autry song, it is so wonderful to "be back in the saddle again!"


In Science this week, students have researched a body system they have not been taught yet. Using the information they have gained from their research, students will create travel brochures about the system. Students are going to collaborate with others to create a presentation that will teach the rest of their classmates about the system. This next week will complete our tour of the human body systems and we will begin our study of genetics.