Fall School Planning Continues

An update from the Superintendent

Estes Park Families,

We want to thank you for your feedback and communication regarding the Estes Park School District’s ongoing plans to prepare for the upcoming academic year. I just want to clarify that while our hope is to open our doors to in-person learning next month, we are also realistic that there are several factors outside of our control that can delay or change those plans. We are still actively planning for multiple scenarios, especially as COVID cases in Larimer County are on the rise.

Nothing is certain at this time but, as always, our first priority will be the safety and well-being of our students and staff. Schools are working on balancing multiple priorities for students at this time as they try to make these plans, including learning, social/emotional wellness and safety.

This is a big conversation and we are grateful for those that have reached out to our schools and the board of education to ask tough questions. At today’s Special Board of Education Meeting (full meeting linked below), the board heard from myself and members of the administrative team on plans and discussions surrounding in-person learning, remote learning, and the timing surrounding these decisions. As the situation continues to evolve, we hope to have enough information to allow the board to make a decision on a reopening plan by August 11th.

EPSD BOE Special Meeting July 24, 2020

For our families that are still undecided, we realize that this isn’t an easy choice, it looks different to each family, and there is not one answer that fits all scenarios, so please know that we are here to answer questions and provide support because we are all in this together. As we work with the state and county to stay on top of this rapidly changing situation, we are asking the hard questions with you, and while we may not have all of the answers, we will keep working with our students and our families to help develop the best possible outcome for all of our learners.

Parent meetings are continuing for those wanting to explore the Remote Online Academy, so if you are still interested in more information, be sure to reach out to Pam Robertson as stated in previous communications.

With Gratitude,

Sheldon Rosenkrance

We are here for you, please reach out to our team with questions!