Containment Of Communism

Did It work or did it not?!

My opinion

In my opinion, containment of communism did work and is not spreading abroad. This is my opinion because of the reasons and events below...

These are some countries that have history surrounding communism

Communism In Korea

Korea is the second country to be effected by communism in our list. It was cut in half by the 38th parallel, separating communism from the democratic Korea. Soon the communist party wanted to fully unite the Koreans together by 1950. The U.N went to help South Korea (Democratic Korea) to fight against North Korea. By the 1951, the 1st phase was over and the U.N has pushed up, but this was slowly pushing towards China, so the Chinese helped the North Koreans. After 3 years, the war ends in a tie and the Koreans are split in half like how they were before.
After this war, the South Koreans have one of the most successful economies in the world. While the North Koreans are starving and having a bad time with economic problems. This shows that the communism still was contained in the main area of North Korea and that the economy of non-communists countries are doing well.
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Communism in Vietnam

Communism in Vietnam happened after the French left Vietnam. After the French left, Vietnam was split in two (The south and the North). A young peasant farmer named Ho Chi Minh studied Marxism which is the basics of communism. He fought for Vietnam to become fully united as a communist state. The U.S heard about this and helped the South Vietnamese (Not communist) people to fight against the North Vietnamese. The North fought back with dirty tactics known as guerrilla warfare. There were two armies that the North had that attacked the South and the U.S. There was the Viet Minh and the Viet Cong. The Viet Minh was the army with Ho Chi Ming, while the Viet Cong were the South Vietnamese who wanted to be communist. This tactic involved sneaking and using citizens as hostages. In the end, nearly 2,000,000 people died.
This caused a huge uproar in U.S, many citizens wanted the soldiers to come back home and not fight a fight that doesn't concern the U.S. By the time, all U.S soldiers were sent back home and Vietnam became a full communist country
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Communism In China

China has a long history with communism. Mao Zedong is another peasant farmer who wanted communism for his people. He introduced this to his people and gained 100,000 followers. He and his followers were soon exiled and took THE LONG MARCH. The Long March got Mao Zedong even more stronger. He lost most of his original army, but he acquired more through gathering peasants across China. He then attacked China again and succeeded making China a communist country.

Communism in China pt.2

After Mao Zedong took over China, he wanted to advance his country, so he made people work in factories instead of agriculture. This caused over millions of starving people. This made people question Mao Zedong. This is known as THE GREAT LEAP FORWARD. TIENANMEN SQUARE is one way showing that the Chinese were rebelling. People were gathering around this square to protest against the government. Many people either starved, got shot or was killed in this event. To contain this revolution, the government restricted many things from the Chinese citizens. They restricted thing religion, self-expression through art, and rights. This is known as the CULTURAL REVOLUTION.

China Conclusion

In the end, we will see that soon the Chinese would rebel and no longer be communist anymore in the future. This could show how communism can effect a country's economy and its people.