Elephant Classroom News

December 4, 2015

Save the Date:

12/15: Nutcracker Field Trip

12/17: Second Grade performing in A Teddy Bear Christmas (Dragon Assembly 8:30am)

12/18: Spirit Day: Santa Hat Day/Early Release Day


Nutcracker Field Trip

Tuesday, Dec. 15th, 11am

2400 1st Street

Livermore, CA

Please read the letter that came home with your child today regarding this field trip. The cost is $12. Students should dress to impress in theater appropriate attire. Students will need to bring a disposable, peanut-free lunch which we will eat outside the theater before the performance. If your student is under 8 years old they must have a booster.

Drivers are needed but space is limited due to the amount of pre-purchased tickets. If you are interested in driving on this festive field trip, all of your paperwork MUST be on file in the office and you should return your child's permission slip with the driver option chosen ASAP.

Please return your signed report cards:

I am still missing a great deal of report cards. Your child's envelope had two copies of their report card. One is for you to keep. The other needs to be signed and returned to school.


1.Mini white board erasers (25) like these for morning calendar and math practice on our personal white boards.

2. Timers, such as these, to help us keep track of our free roam spelling centers or to help us manage our time on Lexia, ST Math, or to time our reading.

3. Printer Ink for our classroom printer http://www.ldproducts.com/HP/Ink-Cartridge/OfficeJet-Pro/8625/9636-Printer.html

4. Low-odor fine point expo pens (class set).

***Donor's Choose Project***

Our iPads for Individualized Learning Donor's Choose Project has unfortunately not been funded yet.

If it is not funded by January, it will be taken off of the site.

Any amount can help! If you are thinking about donating, please visit our project here.

Thank you so much for your support!

What We're Working On:

It's going to be a busy few weeks in December:

Theme: We are into our informational reading and writing theme: Bears! We have been using our theme of Bears for literacy and math activities as well as learning all kinds of scientific terms about bears' appearance, habitat, and diet as well! We worked as a class to write a paragraph all about Black Bears which we read about together this week. We are kicking off work in our expert groups researching and writing about different kinds of bears! We also learned some interesting facts about how the Teddy Bear got its' name. We are also going to be reading about the Nutcracker next week to get ready for our field trip!

Math: We are continuing to practice our time, money, and measurement concepts. Our focus has shifted to place value. We are working on decomposing numbers and recognizing/writing them in a variety of forms (standard, written, expanded, and picture form).

Writing: We are focused on planning our writing using graphic organizers and our Step Up to Writing stars and bars! Our writing focus this trimester has been all about informational writing. We are working on this right now with our Bear Unit.

Reading: We are working hard on making connections to our reading. We are specifically focused on making self-to-text connections and relating what we read back to our own feelings, experiences, and lives.

Grammar: We've been working on hard on contractions and compound words. We learned about apostrophes this week and how we can use them to make a contraction from two bigger words.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!