Researcher Capabilities

By: Cecelia Anderson

Who benefits from my marketing research contribution? Are my participants going to learn anything, maybe about themselves?

I individuals that benefit from my marketing research contribution are the clients I am doing research for, my teammates, and myself. I believe that my participates will learn something about themselves. My clients will learn how our group functioned through this entire process and has gotten to know each and every one of us. If they were to want to seek out help in the near future, they would have a better understanding on how the process for market research is like and they will be able to connect with different styles of groups. My teammates will learn quite a bit about themselves. They might have learned that group work is difficult and every meeting counts. As for myself, I know I learned many things. I have learned how to remain patient when things are not going according to plan. I learned that every individual has their own priorities and that they will not always match up with mine. On a positive note, I have learned how to "Market Research"! This makes me incredibly excited to have said that I have worked with actual clients and I have some leverage on other candidates who have not been apart of this amazing process.

How can my research be considered trustworthy?

Research will always have its flaws but I have come to understand the importance of, "always backing up your sources". My research can be trustworthy because I have gather data and backed it up with secondary resources that help my data become more believable. Trends change and so does customer behavior, but numbers do not. It is how you interpret them, it is how you express the importance of this data to the clients, and it is how trustworthy you make it.

Has my purpose and/or motivation for this research project remained the same throughout the process?

My motivation has increased over the length of this project. I have always had to do more and more as the weeks went on. It can be considered a bad thing or a good thing but for my purposes, I would consider it a good thing. Although this research project has been stressful and time consuming, I am glad I was able to dive head first into this great opportunity. My purpose was to get my work in on time and contribute to my group as much as they did for me but as it turns out, it was more leveled towards some of the group and not all.

How can my predictions from data analysis be connected to personal perceptions? How apparent or important are my biases?

My predictions from the data analysis can be connected to my personal perceptions. Our survey questions could have affected the responses we received. Some questions were left blank and others were not filled in at all. This comes to show our flaws in creating questions and distributing the survey could have been better. My biases are not important when I am creating and receiving information. I might interpret the data differently than my teammates but then we come to a mutual agreement and explain it as a team.

Relating Back the Loyola!

Loyola University is about coming together as a community and expanding your knowledge. I have come together with my teammates and engaged with clients that are trying to do just that. I have gained so much from this class and it will further me in my marketing degree.