Heart Foundation

We could save one person dying with just $2

The Heart

The heart is a very important part in the body without it everyone would die. Some people have a heart but it has problems that could make them die. Some people could get the medicine if they had the money. Some people have a bad heart and there is no medicine for it. To fix all these people's hearts we need money.

The Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation raises money by fundraising for children who have an irregular heart beat. Also The Heart Foundation helps to find medicine for people with rare heart diseases. Some scientists go to schools and explain how important the heart is.

What can we do to help?

People can help by fundraising money and sending it to the Heart Foundation Head Centre. Also we can raise awareness to people who don't know about these kinds of rare diseases and how to prevent them from happening to the human body. Also schools can hold a skip-a-thon and parents can sponser their child or other children. Even then people can give gifts to small children who are suffering these illnesses

Interesting Facts

Did You Know

people die every 11 seconds because of heart disease

life can be very complicated

you might spend nearly $10 000 on medicine for your heart

By: Tivonee Kapugama