Chloe the teenager faced one of the hardest challenges ever

Chloe did and suceeded the Kakoda challenge

When chloe was younger she dreamed of being a famous swimmer but unfortunatly she had a car accident .She was rushed to hospital and she had her a huge problem with her skull. They thought she was going to be in there for a year but she was getting better and she was out in 3 months .

The kakoda challenge begun

Many people have tryed the kakoda challoenge and died of humidity ,heart attack and of the many other conditions. But as brave young chloe took on the 5 hour kakoda challenge she faced many things in her way such as the doctors saying she wasnt going to suceed , mud ,hills lakes and animals as well as her legs her head and pretty much her whole body . But she sucked it up and finished it proudly and courageously.