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Monday, May 17, 2021

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Information and Updates

Virtual High School Graduation & 8th Grade Promotion Information

Click on the button below to get more information about our Cabrillo Point Academy Virtual Graduation and Promotion taking place on May 25, 2021.

Senior Spotlight

Congratulations to Cabrillo Point Academy's graduating class of 2021! Read about some of our amazing students as they share their future plans and pass on words of advice to incoming high school students in this Senior Spotlight!

Kindergarten and 5th Grade Promotion!

We are so proud of all of our Kindergarten and 5th graders who are being promoted to the next grade level! We would like to thank all of these students and their parents for all their hard work and dedication. Click on the banners below to learn more about our amazing students!
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Leo used his instructional planning amounts to order an IXL subscription. He then proceeded to answer over 10,000 questions on IXL this school year! Wow!

His HST, Ryan Valentine, was very proud and extremely impressed. IXL was impressed too, and they reached out to Leo's mother and posted a picture of him on their Facebook page.

Great job, Leo! We can't wait to see what you will do next year!

A Month of Math Learning in May

This week, as we delve deeper into math, we will be looking at famous mathematicians who have made important contributions to mathematics. You've no doubt heard of Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. Perhaps also Rene Descartes and Ptolemy. But have you heard of Emmy Noether or Ada Lovelace? When you can, take some time to look at their math contributions. This week, we'll look more in depth at Albert Einstein and Katherine Johnson and the amazing impact they made on math and the world around us.

Albert Einstein is best known for his equation E = mc2, showing that energy and mass are the same thing, just in different forms. Exploring this equation and expanding on the theories of Isaac Newton, Einstein developed the theory of relativity. This discovery provided the key to understanding the basic natural processes of the universe, from microscopic radioactivity to massive planets and stars. His discovery is used in PET scans, carbon dating, telecommunications satellites, physics, understanding antimatter, and the list goes on. Perhaps one of the biggest legacies left by Einstein's discovery is "that we've learned the power of human creativity in the sciences."

Katherine Johnson is known for her contribution to the early success of NASA's space program. Her career highlights included Flight Research Division test data analysis, the computation of complex trajectory analysis for Alan Shephard's Freedom 7 spaceflight, and being recognized as the first woman to be credited as a coauthor of a research report in the Flight Research Division. She may be most known for her work on John Glenn's Friendship 7 mission, in which she manually ran orbital equations that controlled the trajectory for his capsule splashdown, aiding in the mission's success and propelling the United States forward in the space race against the Soviet Union. You can learn more about these achievements in the book and movie Hidden Figures. Katherine Johnson's contribution to space exploration, including her work on Project Apollo and Space Shuttle Program, was invaluable.

This is the last week for your student to get their estimate in for our estimation jars! The deadline is Thursday, May 20th. The winner in each category will win their estimation jar! TK- 5th graders, find your estimation jar here. 6th - 12th graders, find your estimation jar here. Have fun! Check out some fun and engaging math resources below:

Monthly Coffee Chat

We hope you will join us for an evening of coffee and conversation on Wednesday, May 19th at 7pm. RSVP is not required.
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If you are interested In having your student participate in either the academic Decathlon or Pentathlon, please complete the 2021/2022 Interest Survey to be part of the Mailing List to receive more information.

Click below to see the flyers for more details:

Academic Decathlon (9th-12th Grade)

Academic Pentathlon (6th-8th Grade)

If you have any questions before the meeting, please reach out to Marisa Samuel at or 626-347-1908 (cell phone).

Community Connections

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Our Virtual Clubs have concluded for the year. We had a blast and learned soo much each week. It has been such an enjoyable experience, we hope it has been for you and your children as well. Will you please fill out THIS survey and give us feedback as we plan for next school year? Thank you for all your support this school year.

If you have any questions, please contact your HST or Gina Garland:

High School

High School Counselor Support

2021 Engineering Showcase

The UCR Bourns College of Engineering and the UCR MESA Program invites all area kids, families and prospective students to an engaging and informative virtual event, our 2021 Engineering Showcase! Formerly the "Engineering Family Night," the event is an opportunity to inform you all about the college and the exciting things we do. It's a chance to learn about the engineering profession and what it takes to be an engineer. The event is free! Please see attached flyer for registration information or follow this link:

Student Support/Interventions

Live Math Catch-Up Classes

Brought to you by your Math Intervention Coordinators for any student struggling in math. No need to sign up for these live-interactive classes. Just make sure you show up to all 4, for your grade level. The grade level is a live zoom room link to take you to your class - please be on time as late arrivals may not be admitted.

Day 3: May 18 at 10am or 1pm Day 4: May 19 at 10am or 1pm

Third and Fourth Graders (or 941 710 1127 PW: math)

Day 1: Multi-Digit addition with regrouping - Part 1

Day 2: Multi-Digit addition with regrouping - Part 2

Day 3: Multi-Digit subtraction with regrouping - Part 1

Day 4: Multi-Digit subtraction with regrouping - Part 2

Fifth and Sixth Graders

Day 1: Multiplying using arrays or models

Day 2: Multiplying large numbers

Day 3: Basic division

Day 4: Types of fractions

Seventh and Eighth Graders

Day 1: Comparing/Converting/Simplifying Fractions

Day 2: Adding and subtracting fractions

Day 3: Multiplying and dividing fractions

Day 4: All four operations with fractions

Writer's Workshop Office Hours

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Thursday, May 20th marks the last Writer's Workshop for this school year! Please join Ms Geneiva at her office hours if you would like help with your writing.

Ms. Genieva Office Hours

Tuesdays: 10-11

Thursdays: 1-2

Password: davidson

Additionally, we now have writer's workshop videos for parents and teachers to use wherever you would like! If you need advice as to where to begin, feel free to email our amazing writing teacher at

Access the recorded writing workshop videos HERE

Office Hours with Reading Intervention Coordinators offered Mondays @10am ZOOM LINK

Parents are welcome to ask questions about administering our New Reading Intervention Programs found on our Reading Intervention Website.

Letters & Sounds Intervention Program

Lower Elementary Multisensory Reading Intervention Program

Upper Elementary Reading for Meaning Intervention Program

Please see our *New* Test Prep Tab - housed on our Intervention Website. You will find great resources for Reading, Writing, and Math that will help prepare your kids for State Testing.

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Social Emotional Support

Our final Mindset Monday topic for the 2020-2021 school year is on Reflection and Gratitude.

Please find new resources on our MM page .

Monday, May 17th at 11am we will be hosting a meeting to discuss SEL for the 2021-2022 school year.

This will be a time for parents and/or students to share ideas related to the SEL needs of students at CPA, MVA and PCA



Reminder: Enrichment Ordering System (EOS) accounts are accessible through May 30th. Accounts will be down over the summer until ordering opens again on July 15th.

Important upcoming Enrichment dates and information can be found here!

Returning library materials? Please keep in mind:

  • Parents should still have access to their old library system accounts. By logging into your account, you should be able to see which items are checked out to your child(ren).

  • If you are unable to access your old library account, please feel free to call the school and speak with a Library Specialist, who can check to see if any items are still checked out to your family.

  • There is no need to separate enrichment and library materials when returning them to the library.

  • There is no need to add library materials to students’ inventory sheets when returning them to the library. Each library item has an asset tag on it, which our librarians will use to check it in.

Thank you very much for your help with getting those items returned!

Returning enrichment materials? Please follow the instructions detailed below by clicking on the graphic. Thank you for your help!

2021-2022 Online Subscription Package

All students will receive the following subscriptions based on their grade level…

TK-5th grade

6th - 8th grade

9th - 12th grade

MobyMax is an adaptive curriculum that allows you to create an individualized education plan for each student. MobyMax can also be used to supplement an existing curriculum and provide additional learning opportunities and resources for your students.

BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. offer more than 1,000 short animated movies, quizzes and other related materials, covering science, social studies, English, math, engineering and technology, health, arts, music, and more!

Shmoop is a comprehensive curriculum option for high school offering a wide variety of core and elective course options.

TutorMe is an online-based, 24/7 live tutoring service that covers multiple subjects such as English, math, science, history, foreign language and more! Students will receive up to 12 hours of live, online tutoring per month. In addition, TutorMe offers a writing lab feature for those needing help with essay writing.

Additional subscriptions will be available via A LA CARTE.

Stay tuned for the new OSP Handbook links where you will be able to find additional information and answers to our frequently asked questions.

Click on the flyer below for additional details!

Virtual Field Trips

We are bringing field trips to you... virtually! Click on the flyers to sign up!

Homeschooling Advice

Pandemic Problem or Homeschool Problem?

"“Wow, this past year has been crazy.” You’ve probably heard that sentiment over and over recently, and we all know it’s an understatement. Crazy, yes—as well as overwhelming, hard, stressful, painful, and unlike anything most of us have ever experienced.

As a parent you were forced into doing school at home. For some, it was an incredibly rewarding experience and their kids actually flourished. But for many more, school at home brought frustration as problems mounted.

Based on your year of pandemic schooling, you might think that homeschooling would never work long-term for your family.

Parents face problems no matter how their children are educated, but many of the problems you encountered while pandemic schooling are not actually homeschooling problems. Those problems are actually pandemic issues, so you didn’t get an accurate picture of what homeschooling is really like.

6 Pandemic Schooling Problems

Homeschoolers will tell you, pandemic schooling is not the same as homeschooling. And as you decide what to do for the upcoming school year, it's important to make a distinction between homeschool problems and pandemic problems."

Read the rest of the article here.

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LCAP Surveys

Each year we will ask our CPA families to complete a survey related to the District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) which identifies goals, measurements, and actions planned by CPA to improve student outcomes.

An important part of our LCAP is the input gathered from our school stakeholders. Equally important is input and involvement from parents. We want to encourage your input into the LCAP survey as it is an essential piece of our LCAP report and charter.

Please take a few moments to provide input to this important process by clicking on this link: LCAP Parent Survey Link

If your child(ren) are enrolled in 4th grade or higher, please take a few moments to have them provide input to this important process by clicking on this link: Student LCAP Survey

Thank you for providing feedback on Cabrillo Point Academy’s 2020-2021 LCAP progress to meet the eight state priorities and assisting the school’s stakeholders to develop new goals for the 2021-2022 LCAP.

High School Orientation for Incoming 9th Grade Students

If you could not attend the high school orientation, here are the slides and recording for your viewing.

Please note: since the original recording of our high school orientation, we have had a staff change. Tegan Thacker has moved into a different position. Our new school counselor is Keri Alexander! Please contact her at for any questions you would have directed to Tegan. Thank you!

High School Curriculum Roadshow

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Did you miss the High School Curriculum Roadshow? Access the recording here and the slideshow here.

Please contact your HST with any questions.

Additional Resources & Opportunities

Cabrillo Point Academy Spirit Wear

We are so excited to share out our Cabrillo Point Academy spirit wear store! You can see the store HERE

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These previously recorded webinars are available to view. Join us as we present a showcase of popular (school approved and secular) curriculum to our community. Families also have the opportunity to learn more about some popular curriculum options directly from the vendors!

School Calendar

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Educational Tools

I Can Statements

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Community and Connection

Facebook Page

We would love to see more families in our Facebook group! Follow this link to join the conversations, stay up-to-date with our virtual events, and to get more virtual resources.

Please note: There are three questions that need to be answered in order to join. The group is for currently enrolled families only.

Instagram Page

If you are on instagram, we'd love to hear from you! Join our page, learn about our upcoming events and field trips, and tag us in your homeschooling photos!

Cabrillo Point Academy Family Liaisons

Shaemanique King - OC Family Liaison

I am a mom of four children, ranging in ages from 2 to 9 years old, and have homeschooled for the past five years. I consider my homeschooling style to be “eclectic” as I draw from many sources and philosophies. I enjoy planning and hosting activities and events and look forward to interacting with and supporting homeschooling families!

Yvonne Kahlen - OC Family Liaison

I have been a homeschooling mom for sixteen years. I have three children ranging in age from 16 to 21. I homeschooled my two oldest from Kindergarten through 12th grade. My youngest is currently a junior in high school and taking college courses concurrently. I am passionate about homeschooling and love that you can tailor your curriculum to your child’s learning style. I am excited to work with other homeschooling parents and look forward to meeting you at an event soon! Happy schooling!


We would like this newsletter to best reflect the needs of our community! If you have any suggestions or input, please complete this survey. We appreciate your feedback!

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