Modern family

Vanessa barron, Taylor Smith, Anya Eliseev p.4

They are a group of 11 people

They have a normal friendship, they meet up whenever they have chance. Their is no set time frame.

They are very informal because there isn't a set limit to be in the group

They are in a group because they are all family or very close friends.

Clarie dumpy (mom)

Her master statues is she is mom

An achieved statues because she had to work to become a mother

3 roles:

-has children

-works to make them happy (selfless)

-had to work to become a parent

She's a little of both because is emotion but very practical about it

Works a lot with PTA stuff, very involved with her kids school life and very concerned about what they do

5 types of social interactions

1) conflict





She's very controlling of her kids school/social life

She's always having to correct/tell her husband what to do

1) Claire is involved with the schools PTA

2) helps out her community

3) her relationship with her husband, tends to keep him out of trouble and holds him down